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NCGA Tournament Information

Whether you’re an experienced tournament player or just getting started, check out our tournament programs, policies, and schedule.

Tournament Programs

The NCGA has an extensive calendar of tournament programs for players of all ages and abilities. Scratch, net, four-ball, and more — there are events for everyone! Members can join our dozens of championships and tournaments with rich histories, as well as our more casual one-day tournaments on weekdays and weekends.

See the Full 2023 NCGA Schedule

NCGA Championships

Dozens of multiple-day championships with rich histories. Men, women, juniors, seniors, scratch, net, individual, four-ball, scramble, and four-person teams compete for championship prestige.

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Women’s Legacy Tournaments

These women-only two-day tournaments have interesting histories and are contested with a variety of individual and team formats.

Weekend Net Tour

For men and women, a series of one-day, weekend-only flighted net competitions with a variety of individual and team formats and optional skins games.

Senior Series

Just for seniors, a series of one-day tournaments on weekdays. Women age 50+ and men age 55+ of all handicap levels are eligible to compete in these more casual flighted net competitions.

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New for 2023! Mixed Team Series

For men and women mixed teams, a series of 8 one-day competitions leading to a finals championship.

New for 2023! Match Play Challenge
Participating men and women players will be put into single-elimination brackets (net match play format). Finalists compete at Pebble Beach.
Women’s Open Days and Play Days

These women-only single-day competitions are hosted all over the region, with both individual and team formats with gross and net honors.

California Amateur Qualifying

The NCGA hosts qualifiers for the California Amateur Championships.

USGA Qualifying

The NCGA hosts qualifiers for key USGA Championships.

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Player Handbook

NCGA Tournament Regulations and Policies

Learn about our policies for eligibility, pace of play, withdrawals, refunds, and more.

Player of the Year Program

The NCGA points program is the basis for crowning men and women NCGA Player of the Year and Senior Player of the Year — a prestigious honor.

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Rules of Golf

All NCGA tournaments are conducted according to the USGA Rules of Golf — be sure to brush up!

Ready to Compete?

Check out our full schedule and registration information to find details sorted by date, tournament type, or eligibility.

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