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The Northern California Golf Association

The NCGA’s mission is to inspire all to enjoy the benefits of golf by providing innovative programs and services. 

Our Vision

Ensuring that the game of golf in Northern California is Vibrant, Inclusive and Accessible.

About the NCGA

The Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) has over 185,000 members belonging to over 1300 clubs. We administer USGA GHIN handicaps for our members, provide training and governance for the Rules of Golf, deliver hundreds of association events, and provide exclusive golf-related benefits and opportunities.

Forest golf

One of the most unique aspects of the NCGA is that we own two golf courses — Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach and Poppy Ridge in Livermore — offering member-only rates and hosting dozens of NCGA Championships. 

The NCGA is one of the largest Allied Golf Associations and has one of the most diverse memberships in the nation. We are committed to fostering a game that is vibrant, inclusive, and accessible to all.

The NCGA, since 1901

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The NCGA’s roots date back to April 5, 1901, when five golf clubs banded together with the sole purpose of entering the prestigious Pacific Coast Amateur Championship. From this camaraderie, the association continued to expand.


In 1966, the NCGA, originally headquartered in ‘The City by the Bay’, moved to a new home — Spyglass Hill Golf Course in Pebble Beach. NCGA headquarters moved to and now remains at Poppy Hills.


With the opening of Poppy Hills Golf Course in 1986, the NCGA became the first golf association to own and operate its own golf course – providing a tournament facility and unique benefits for NCGA members. NCGA headquarters moved to and now remains at Poppy Hills.


In 1996, the NCGA added a second course, Poppy Ridge Golf Course located in the Livermore Valley Wine Country.


In 2006, the NCGA Foundation created Youth on Course to open up opportunities for youth to access golf. To great success, it has since expanded nationwide and beyond.


In 2020, the NCGA completed a unification with the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California (WGANC) and the Pacific Women’s Golf Association (PWGA) to jointly support and promote women’s golf.


The NCGA now has over 185,000 members belonging to over 1,300 golf clubs and manages hundreds of golf events for players of all ages and abilities.


The NCGA Team

Our dedicated executive team and staff come together to serve our members and clubs, helping them enjoy the game of golf and its community. We respect tradition and lead change as we support and promote golf in Northern California.

NCGA-owned golf courses

The NCGA owns two unique golf courses: Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach and Poppy Ridge in Livermore.


The Robert Trent Jones-designed Poppy Hills was the first course owned and operated by an amateur golf association in the U.S. It is both a PGA Tour and USGA Championship venue, and ‘Top 100’ in Golf Digest’s Greatest Public Courses.

Poppy Ridge is located amid the scenic Livermore Valley Wine Country — a unique Rees Jones 27-hole design with three nines: Chardonnay, Merlot, and Zinfandel.

Youth on Course

The Youth on Course initiative provides young people with affordable access to golf. Members can play courses in Northern California and all over the country for $5 or less, and gain life-changing job and college scholarship opportunities.


The NCGA embraces diversity and celebrates inclusivity

As one of the largest Allied Golf Associations in the U.S, the NCGA has among the most diverse membership in the nation. Our members include over 185,000 adult players who enjoy the game. We also have a diverse group of 23,000 young people — the future of golf — who enjoy affordable games in partnership with Youth on Course facilities.

We know where golf has historically been and we know where it must go — toward a future grounded in diversity, respect, and inclusion. We reject racism and injustice. The NCGA is committed to our vision of ensuring golf is accessible and welcoming to all ages and identities, and all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

We are proud of the diversity we see across our clubs. However, there is always more we can do to encourage inclusivity in the game we love. Though we don’t have all the answers today, we are diligently working on initiatives to help clubs and members find a welcoming golfing community.

NCGA Reach Grant Program

The NCGA has a grant program that strives to increase diversity and inclusion throughout the region. To date, five programs have received grants totaling nearly $100,000. If you are part of a program or know of one that could benefit from a one-time grant, take a moment to explore the application process. 

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NCGA Hall of Fame

Founded in 2011, the Hall of Fame preserves and honors the legacies of the people who significantly impacted golf in the region. The annual ceremony is hosted every September at the NCGA headquarters in Pebble Beach. Also recognized at the event is a Distinguished Service Award honoree, a recognition dating back to 1982.

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NCGA Golf Magazine

Our award-winning magazine includes feature stories on travel, courses and interesting personalities, plus regular expert columns and insights on instruction and the Rules of golf.

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