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Member Club

NCGA supports club officers with
systems and best practices for
managing member clubs.

All clubs are required to assign a member to be their NCGA Club Representative.

What does a club rep do?  review this document

More detail can be found in the Renewal Hub.

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Manage Your NCGA Club

Explore resources to help you manage your NCGA member club, including information on handicap management, tournaments and events, roster management, member communications, and special requests.

Club Management Software

The NCGA provides cloud-based software solutions free of charge to help member clubs manage their member roster, communications, handicaps, and tournaments.

Membership Management

Manage your club rosters, billing, and invoicing on memberplanet. If this is your first time logging in, please activate your admin account.

Communications Management

Manage online member communications and promote your club with memberplanet’s communications capabilities, including email campaigns, e-newsletters, surveys, and more.

Club Website Management

Make your own club website using memberplanet’s intuitive site builder.

Handicap Management

Manage club member Handicap Indexes, run handicapping reports, and more via the USGA Admin Portal. You can request access below.

Tournament Management

Manage club tournament information pages, registrations, pairings, payments, and more using BlueGolf TM.

Handicap Resources

Managing your club’s Handicap Indexes is an important task — thank you for taking it on! With your efforts, the handicap system is properly administered and creates an equitable golfing experience for all.

World Handicap System


Rules of Handicapping
USGA Admin Portal Login
NCGA Handicap Department

Competitive Club Events

Club officers can sign up a team for NCGA Club Events using BlueGolf. To ensure you are designated as a valid club officer in the BlueGolf system, please complete the BlueGolf Club Admin Request Form.

Regular and Associate Club Team Events
Team Match Championship
Full Tournament Schedule
NCGA Tournaments Department
BlueGolf Webinar Recordings

Club Services Special Request

Club Billing Refund Requests

Do you need to request member credit on your club’s invoice? Have your five-digit ID and member names ready, and fill out the NCGA Credit Request Form.

Club Rename Requests

Do you need to change your club’s name for your NCGA records, including your member club management software? Please fill out the NCGA Club Name Change Form.

Club Merge Requests

Do you need to merge two or more existing NCGA member clubs? An example is combining your separate club rosters to be managed and billed together. Please read the pros and cons of merging your roster, then complete our NCGA Club Merge Request Form.

Club Disband Requests

Need to disband your club? Please fill out the NCGA Club Disband Request Form. Requests are processed at the end of the year.

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Want to Start Your Own Club?

If you are part of a group of golfers who enjoy playing together, it’s time to make it official.

Grab your friends and take advantage of exclusive NCGA benefits. You only need ten members to start!

Still Have Questions?

Please get in touch with our customer service team, who will happily assist with your request.