The NCGA has the most extensive tournament program in the country for players of all abilities. Compete with some of the Golden State’s best amateurs for a prestigious NCGA championship trophy or go more casual and have fun with either the new Weekend Net Tour single day events or NCGA Play!

Enter Yourself in a Tournament

Ready to tee off in an NCGA tournament? Net, Scratch, Match Play, Scramble & More – we’re sure there’s an event for you!

Check out the full calendar or just the category of events you are interested in. We have transitioned to a new tournament registration system, follow the easy steps to create a player profile to get started.

Need to Know Resources

Get the scoop on regulations and policies. Learn about eligibility and exemptions, check out player of the year points standings, or find out how to become a volunteer.

Represent Your Club

Check out how to enter your club team for one of the regular or associate club team tournaments. Or go the match play route with the Team Match program. California Scratch League is a fall competition for clubs. Most of these culminate in season-ending championships where it’s all on the line!

Casual Golf

Want to just tee it up to have fun or compete, but in a more casual environment?The Weekend Net Tour features one-day tournaments on Saturday or Sunday flighted by handicap.

Our member outings provide access to prestigious courses throughout the region and we have member group trips that take you on golf adventures to bucket-list destinations in the U.S. and Europe.

Metropolitan GC 8/1 – Player Information / Pairings / Results

Reserve at Spanos Par 8/2 – Player Information / Pairings / Results

Castle Oaks 8/3 – Player Information / Pairings / Results

Coyote Creek 8/6 – Player Information / Pairings / Results (Available 7/30)

Haggin Oaks 8/7 – Player Information / Pairings / Results (Available 7/31)

Poppy Ridge 8/7 – Player Information / Pairings / Results (Available 7/31)

Oakmont 8/7 – Player Information / Pairings / Results (Available 7/31)

Rancho Solano 8/7 – Player Information / Pairings / Results (Available 7/31)

Del Monte 8/8 – Player Information / Pairings / Results (Available 8/1)

Sunnyside 8/8 – Player Information / Pairings / Results (Available 8/1)

Peach Tree 8/9 – Player Information / Pairings / Results (Available 8/2)

Paso Robles 8/10 – Player Information / Pairings / Results (Available 8/3)