Welcome to the NCGA’s Rules of Golf Resources Page

Below are helpful links and documents designed to aid golfers in learning the Rules of Golf.  The resources below range from introductory Rules knowledge assistance to advanced topics for complex rulings and come from various expert sources across the globe. The page will be constantly updated as new resources are developed. If you have any questions about the links, documents or Rules of Golf in general, please contact Ryan Farb, NCGA Director of Rules and Competitions.

Useful Links

NCGA Rules School (Online Rules Education)

USGA Rules Education

R & A Rules Website

General Area – Dr. Lew Blakey’s Rules website

Farb Talk – NCGA Director of Rules and Competitions Ryan Farb’s Rules Blog

SCGA Rules Crew

Virtually Certain Missy – Rules Clarifications from Missy Jones


Rules Hotline – (831) 622-8229

After hours or on weekends please leave a message and the Rules query will be answered as soon as possible. If related to a competition currently being played please state that in the message.

Rules FAQ


Rules Notifications


General Rules of Golf Documents

Some Principles Behind the Rules of Golf – By Joseph C. Dey (Former USGA Executive Director)

Aid to Memorizing the Rules (First 28) – By Gail Rogers (NCGA Board of Directors & Former NCGA Director of Education)

Rules With Penalty Limitations

Internal Definitions in the Rules of Golf – Edited by NCGA Staff

The Notes – By Ryan Farb

The Exceptions – By Ryan Farb

One Stroke Penalties and Helpful Lists

Contents of the Rules of Golf Plus (Page Numbers for Rules and Decisions books) – Robin Farran & Dennis Walsh


Amateur Status

Apply for Reinstatement

Amateur Status FAQ

Amateur Status vs. NCAA


Tournament Procedures

Rules of Golf Documents by Rule

Special Thanks to Robin Farran and Dennis Walsh for the Key Points documents and other contributions


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Rule 2

Rule 3

Rule 4

Rule 5

Rule 6

Rule 7

Rule 8

Rule 9

Rule 10

Rule 11

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Rule 15

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Rule 17

Rule 18

Rule 19

Rule 20

Rule 21

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Rule 31

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