NCGA Online Rules School

Learn the Rules of Golf at your own pace, on your own time. NCGA’s Online Rules School now has courses for various levels of rules aficionados – there’s one for you.

Register now for free access to 3 of the 4 courses. The full NCGA Rules Seminar (normally $200) is available for only $15!

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  • NCGA Rules Study Guide

    The NCGA Study Guide is to assist in learning the Rules, memorizing important concepts and preparing to use the Rules in the field and for exams.

  • Rules of Golf Online: Just the Basics

    Whether you’re learning as a player, new tournament official or club pro, there are some Rules you just need to know to play the game of golf. This course gives you the basic Rules of Golf and leads you to the tools necessary to dive even deeper.

  • Rules of Golf Online: NCGA Rules Seminar

    Learn the Rules of Golf in depth at your own pace. This course takes you through the entire NCGA Rules Seminar including video and supporting materials.

  • Tournament Administration

    The Tournament Administration Course is for Tournament and Club Officials who are involved in running tournaments. The Lessons are designed to be helpful for all levels of administration, whether you assist as a volunteer, or are the staff in charge of an event.