Team Match Program

Team Match Program is a competition between players that belong to regular NCGA member clubs. Events use a format where two players from a side face off against two players from an opposing side in four-ball and individual matches concurrently, with players earning two points for a win and one point for a tie.

All 2021 entries will be done online through USGA TM. Paper entries and checks will no longer be accepted. Please see the below FAQ for how to register teams for your club and other helpful information. Registration will open January 11th.



  1. Follow this link to the Golf Genius sign in page and sign in.
  2. On the top menu bar hover your cursor over “Full Schedules” and select the “Team Match and Scratch League” option.
  3. Select the registration for the day you are entering a team for.
  4. Select the blue “Register now for 2021 [Day] Team Match Registration” button on the left side of the screen.
  5. Select “New Registration”.
  6. Select “Next”.
  7. Fill out all information needed for the captain and assistant captain, check the two boxes at the bottom, then select “Next”.
  8. Fill out your information. For the address make sure you are entering the billing address for the credit card you are going to use. Then select “Next”.
  9. Enter your credit card information then select “Finish”.


  • Email, First Name, Last Name, GHIN, Phone Number.

For more information on online registration please see our Club Entry Information page.



Past Results
2020 Spring Creek G&CC Spring Creek G&CC*
2019 Belmont CC* North Ridge CC
2018 Dragonfly GC* Oakhurst CC
2017 San Luis Obispo CC Dragonfly GC*
2016 Oakhurst CC Stonetree GC*
2015 Oakhurst CC* Oakhurst CC
2014 Whitney Oaks GC* Kings River GCC
2013 Whitney Oaks GC* Lake of the Pines GC
2012 Whitney Oaks GC* StoneTree GC
2011 Del Rio GCC* Kings River GCC
2010 Tehama GC* Pajaro Valley
2009 Tehama GC Riverside GC*
2008 Sharon Heights GCC The Olympic Club*
2007 Madera GCC Spring Creek GCC*
2006 Cameron Park CC* Pasatiempo GC
2005 Tehama GC* Merced GCC
2004 Sequoia Woods CC* San Jose CC
2003 Wilcox Oaks GC Spring Creek GCC*
2002 Rancho Murieta CC* Lake of the Pines CC
2001 Ukiah GC* El Macero CC
2000 Bayonet/Black Horse GC* Turlock GCC
1999 Vallejo GC* Monterey Bay GC
1998 Sacramento GC San Jose CC*
1997 Sacramento GC Lincoln Park GC
1996 Elkhorn CC Atascadero GC
1995 San Jose CC Lincoln Park GC
1994 Del Paso CC El Macero CC
1993 Green Hills CC Presidio Army/Presido
1992 Monterey Peninsula CC Salinas GCC
1991 Palo Alto GC La Rinconada CC
1990 Monterey Peninsula CC Green Hills CC
1989 Auburn Valley GC Palo Alto GC
* Overall Champion