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Play Days

for women golfers of all skill levels

2023 Play Days

Women’s Play Days are single-day events open to all female NCGA members. They are scheduled and conducted within each of 7 geographic areas by volunteer tournament coordinators. Each area has autonomy on how to run their Play
Days so you will see various formats: individual play, team play, 4-ball (partners) and more. Each area conducts 5-8 events per year.

Events listed as Niners are events specifically for those golfers who prefer to play 9 holes.

One thing they all have in common is the Area Winner Circle - a year long 'race' for points within each area. Players accumulate points when they participate and perform well in Play Days. While players can earn points in any area, the year-end Winner Circle awards are made in each of the seven areas.  

2023 Registration Windows

There will be 3 registration opening 'windows':

Registration for events ​held​ February - May opened January 16.
Registration for events ​held ​June - August opened April 17.
Registration for events ​held​ September - December opens July 17.