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Open Days

for women golfers of all skill levels

2023 Open Days

Open Days are single-day events for women, primarily available to members of WGANC Legacy Clubs. Occasionally, Open Day events are made available to all female NCGA members. You will hear about these in the Monthly Tournament and Events Bulletin which comes out the first week of each month. Host courses charge for food and carts - no green fees!

Open Days are flighted by handicap index (or you can choose to play with a friend) and the competition is based on individual Stableford points. Handicap index is 45 or less.

Play in one event or play in several and compete for the season long Open Day Year End Awards!

2023 Registration Windows

There will be 3 registration opening 'windows':

Registration for events ​held​ February - May opens January 16.
Registration for events ​held ​June - August opens April 17.
Registration for events ​held​ September - December opens July 17.

open day year end awards

How it Works

When a player participates in an Open Day, they will receive points. At the end of the year, the points leaders will be recognized and awarded.  

Each player at an event is awarded 5 points
In addition, players will be awarded the following:
10 points – 1st Place + ties
5 points – 2nd place + ties
 3 points – 3rd place + ties