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A USGA handicap index helps you track your game on the course from one round to the next and levels the playing field for enjoyable competition between players of all abilities. The NCGA is here for all your Handicap needs and questions, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player.

Post a Score

Just played a great round and want to post your score? This is where you do it! All that’s needed is your GHIN number and last name. Click here to find out how.

World Handicap System

The world now has a unified handicap system, and there are some changes you should know about. Learn about it here World Handicap System

Handicap & Course Rating Resources

Discover how course ratings work in conjunction with your Handicap Index and exactly how a course is rated. View slope charts, use a course handicap calculator and learn how Equitable Stroke Control can help you.

Handicap Resources

Course Rating

USGA Handicap Committee Guide

Handicap 101

Just getting started with handicaps or always wondered how they worked? Here is a resource to get you started.

Handicap 101

Club Systems Information

Looking for information on club systems?  Find information on GHIN, USGA Tournament Management powered by Golf Genius, and more, under Member Club Services.

Club Systems Information

Ask the NCGA Handicap Expert

Stumped by a Handicap Index question? Have a dispute that needs to be resolved? Feel like you got “sandbagged” last weekend and wondering what you can do? We’re here to help! Click here to submit a question online.