Supporting Our Member Clubs

The NCGA provides many benefits and services to support our member clubs, helping to enhance the individual golfer experience and grow the game together.


Visit the NCGA Renewal Hub  (New for 2023)
Everything you need to manage your club’s annual renewal process.


Whether you’re currently a Club Officer or looking to start your own club, we hope you find the following resources helpful. NCGA Club Officers oversee many aspects of club administration, including handicap management, tournaments and events, member communications and more. The majority of our clubs have assigned the following unique positions to run their club effectively: Club President, Handicap Chair, Treasurer/Billing, Club Ambassador (Communications), and Tournament Chair.  In addition to developing a Club Officer on-boarding, we have put together resources to help each officer perform their role and ensure that they are aware of best practices for club engagement.


Need to update your Club Officer contact information to ensure the right people are receiving the right information for your club? New form for 2023 coming soon. 


Questions? Please look through this resource section. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit our Help Center or Contact Us.

Handicapping Resources

Managing the handicap indexes at your club is an important task—thank you for taking it on! With your efforts, the handicap system is properly administered and creates a fair and equitable golfing experience for all. We hope you find our Handicapping Resources Page and World Handicap System Hub valuable tools while administering the WHS at the club level. Additionally, you can access more information in the Rules of Handicapping online manual. 

Questions? Contact for further assistance.

Course Rating Services

The NCGA  provides course measurement and rating services to member and non-member clubs on a periodic basis. We strive to rate each member course every 6 years. Clubs that have undergone a renovation, built any new tee pads or added/removed any obstacles etc. may be rated or measured on a more frequent basis. This is a complimentary service to our member clubs. For non-member courses, there is a fee.

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Please email Jeremy Gray, Assistant Director of Course Rating, for more information on getting your course rated.

Rules and Competitions

The NCGA hosts 500+ tournament and event days each year. In addition to individual championships, we also host Club Events, Team Match, and Scratch League, where your best players compete against members from other clubs throughout the region. View our Full Tournament Calendar to see all the ways your members can represent your club this season. 

Our NCGA staff members can help answer those tricky questions on the Rules of Golf – whether you’re on the course or want some clarification later, we’re here to help! Additionally, the NCGA provides resources to help you to learn the Rules yourself, including our Rules Resource Page, NCGA Rules of Golf Seminars and our Online Rules School

Questions? Contact for further assistance.

Club Management Solutions

Member clubs receive access to best-in-class, cloud-based software solutions to help run their club. These services are available anywhere there is internet access. Plus, we offer training and expert customer service. Best of all – they’re FREE for your club to use. For a simple overview diagram click here.

  • NCGA Tournament Management – Powered by BlueGolf (NEW FOR 2022):
    Find helpful resources, FAQs, register for live webinars, watch recorded webinars, and contact us for help.

Club Ambassador Role

Club Ambassadors serve as the communication liaison between the NCGA and their club—a vital link in relaying important information about NCGA benefits and services to their members. Additionally, Ambassadors keep us informed of issues and concerns that clubs are facing so that we can proactively help and support our member clubs. We’re here to serve you!

Club Ambassadors receive a monthly newsletter that includes information regarding NCGA member benefits and service – we ask that you send this information to your members each month to keep everyone informed.

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Ready to Start Your Own Club?

If you are part of a group of golfers who enjoy playing together, you can start your own club and take advantage of exclusive NCGA member benefits – you only need 10 members to start! Visit the New Member Club Information Page for more information and start your club today.


Other Club Services

For billing questions or concerns, please use our Credit Request Form or contact

Disbanding your club? Please complete our Club Disband Request Form.

Interested in merging clubs together? Please complete our Club Merge Request Form.

Need to change your club’s name? Please complete our Club Name Change Form.