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Club Entry Information

How to sign up for NCGA Regular and Associate Club team events


  • Must be a Club Officer to Submit Entries
  • All entries will be via BlueGolf online
  • Paper entries and checks are no longer accepted.
  • Registration will open January 16
  • Contact the NCGA Championships Department at 831-625-4653 or if you have further questions


Club Officer Access to BlueGolf

Get a login to BlueGolf for online registration

NCGA Championship Calendar

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2023 Championship Policies

Guidelines and protocols for NCGA championships  

Tournament FAQs

  • Who can register a team?

    • Club Officials can register a team. A club official is one who holds a position as an officer in the club or may be club staff. (ex: Club President, Handicap Chairman, Head Professional, etc.)


  • What player information do I need to have?

    • Email, First Name, Last Name, GHIN, Handicap Index, Date of Birth, Club Name, Gender, Phone Number.
  • Our club does not have a credit card, we have always paid by check

    • We recognize this is a major change and some clubs will have to change their procedure. BlueGolf TM has a way to give you a receipt for the entry and we recommend using this as a proof of purchase to be reimbursed by the club. So a club official may use their own credit card or a player’s credit card, and then submit the receipt to the club for reimbursement by check.
  • Can I register multiple teams for a Zone Championship?

    • NCGA regular member clubs only may send one team to their specified Regional Zone. Multi-members can only represent one club. Clubs may send a second team so long as one of the two teams is comprised of all female players.
  • I can't register my team for the Zone Championship

    • The registration system is setup only to allow someone that is listed on a club’s roster for that specific Zone to register a team. If the system is saying you are not eligible, this means that you are either trying to register for the wrong Zone or that you are not listed on the club’s roster. If you believe neither of these are the case and are still having issues, please contact us.
  • How do I ensure I get paired with my friend or family member?

    Beginning in 2022, select your tee time software will be used for all events. Make sure that you follow instructions on how to select your tee time, which will be sent out by staff shortly after registration is closed. Pairings requests and distance from the facility will be considered for players who fail to select their tee times, however, WNT staff WILL NOT rearrange pairings to meet an individual’s requests for failing to use the select your tee time software. In the event that select your tee time software is not used, we will accommodate your request to the best of our ability using Google surveys sent out shortly after registration closes–to further ensure that you are paired with those people, you will want to ask them to do the same. (Please note if you write down someone’s name, who does not have your name in that same field and instead has other players’ names, you may not be paired with that person. Additionally, please note that a friend or family member who has been added to the event after pairings have been released, in most circumstances, we will not be able to re-arrange pairings/teams to accommodate that original request).

  • What about the Net Amateur?

    The NCGA Net Amateur Championship is now open to all individuals and is combined with regular and associate club members. If your club still wishes to qualify and send players you may do so, however, the individuals must register themselves

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