With nearly 35,000 female golfers in the NCGA, our goal is to provide advocacy, resources and great events for all!

NCGA Events for Women

Many NCGA events are open to men and women, some are for women only. For 2022, there are more women’s events than ever before!  

To see a graphical diagram about the 25 women-only championships, qualifiers and tournaments Click Here

For a master calendar of all NCGA Women’s events and to Register Click Here

Once on the schedule page, click on the ‘Schedule’ drop-down menu at the top and select Women’s Golf to see women-only and mixed team events.

NCGA Event Programs

* open to men and women golfers

** open to women only golfers

* Championships – multiple day competitions; you can also qualify for and play in California Amateur and USGA championships.

** Legacy Tournaments – originally founded by the PWGA and WGANC, these multiple-day competitions have a variety of formats and eligibility factors and are found on the Championship page.  Scroll down the long list to find all legacy tournaments here.

* Weekend Net Tour – one-day competitions on weekends at courses all over Northern California.

* Senior Series – one-day competitions for anyone age 50+

* Member Outings – one-day outings at private clubs and resorts.

* Member Trips – group trips to bucket-list destinations in the U.S. and Europe.

** Play Days – one day events with various formats; open to all NCGA women members.

** Open Days – one day events with various formats; open to NCGA members of WGANC Legacy women’s clubs.

NCGA Women-Only Tournaments

NCGA Women's Golf Events

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