2020 WGANC-Legacy End of Year Presentations

We would like to express our gratitude to you for playing in our events and attending our meetings this year and for the kind and supportive messages you have sent us.  2020 has given us more appreciation for what golf gives us.  We are proud that we were able to put on events in a safe manner with split tees/straight tee times and following the COVID Guidelines.  Some days it takes extraordinary effort to perform even the ordinary activity, but our volunteers made it work.  We would have loved to see you all in person at the end-of-the-year meeting, but instead we created 5 videos on our web page to thank you all and also give out awards.

Welcome Presentation by Pat Zimmerman, 2020 Sub-Committee Chair

Pat Zimmerman summarizes 2020 and welcomes 2021 Chair. (3:55)

Message from Chris Mantz, 2020 Vice Chair and 2021 Chair


Award Presented to the Volunteer of the Year by Janet Smith, River Valley Coordinator

Janet Smith presents the Volunteer of the Year award to JoAnna Duran.  (3:30)

Award to the Most Improved Junior Girl, by Jane Quiring, Sub-Committee Junior Girls Chair

The Most Improved Junior Girl is accompanied by her family when she accepts the award by Jane Quiring,  (5:12)

Tournament Presentation given by Lynda Donahue, Sub-Committee Tournament Chair

Recap of the 2020 Tournaments by Lynda Donahue, Tournament Chair.  (3:07)

Thank You Members and Volunteers for a Wonderful Year

A visual view of this year’s events.  (3:02)

Thank You to Our Members for Your Wonderful Participation and Donations to Junior Girls Golf