Links to WGANC-Legacy Green Book Content and Other Documents

NOTE: Approximately 90% of the Green Book content can be found on these pages AND other documents you may view or download. At this time, individual contact information is not shown here. Please refer to the printed Green Book.

Contact the WGANC-Legacy Women’s Golf:

TEL: (831) 625-4653

Eva Monisteri,
Director of Women’s Golf
Vicki Wilson,
Women’s Golf Coordinator

WGANC-Legacy End of Year Presentations

Legacy Annual Reports

Hole in One

  • Let us know about your Hole in One.  Click this link and download
    the form that is available on that page:
    Hole in One Sweepstakes
    (You will be recognized on our website here)


Junior Girls Support




Northern Team


Obligation of Participating Clubs


Open Day Information:


Pendant Winners

Tournament Schedule (2021)


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