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2020 WGANC Tournaments


Please read the above document to familiarize yourself with the new procedures for playing safe tournament golf.

You may register for any or all of WGANC 10 tournaments if you qualify and are a member of a WGANC club.  Read the Letter of Invitation (LOI) to make sure you qualify.  If you do, click the “Register” link below which will open a new page on Golf Genius.  Once there, scroll through the tournaments and click the one you want to register for.

(This will take you to the registration page on Golf Genius).

NOTE: You must first have a profile established in Golf Genius (tournament management online system).

2021 Tournament Schedule

Click to view the schedule for 2021.   (Updated 11/20/20)

Club Captains:

Please post this colorful Tournament Poster at your clubhouse bulletin    New poster added 9/21/20

2020 WGANC Open Days

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For all Open Days (OD), WGANC club  members need to contact the OD Chair at their club for the Open Day they are interested in attending.  The OD Chair will then create a list of participants from her club and forward to the Coordinator in Charge of the specific Open Day.  Read the LOI for important dates, times and fees.


Use this Pre-Entry form to manage your list of interested participants.

Pre-Entry Form 1027-E_1/1/2020

NOTE: Some of the more popular Open Days will have limitations to the numbers of members from each club.  Other Open Days have no limitations to the numbers of golfers.