The PWGA is now part of the NCGA. The unification of PWGA, WGANC and NCGA provides greater advocacy, resources, programming and services for all female golfers and clubs in Northern California.

Although the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California formed in 1907 to support women’s golf groups at private courses, for years there was nothing similar for women who played at public golf courses.  Recognizing that need, Helen Lengfeld gathered a group of women golfers together at her home in 1947 and organized them into an organization to be known as the Pacific Women’s Golf Association.  The first members of the association were women’s clubs at Alameda, Harding Park, Lincoln Park, the Presidio and Tilden Park. The main goals of the new association were to aid and gain recognition for Northern California women golfers in the public sector.

Since then PWGA grew to a membership of over 7,000 women and 190 member clubs. The organization was incorporated in 1984 as the Pacific Women’s Golf Association, Inc.  For 72 years, PWGA served women golfers in Northern California with a full schedule of major tournaments, regional play days, golf education, course rating, and handicapping services.  PWGA also supported a number of important benevolent projects, including grants to high school girls’ golf teams and a program to introduce military veterans to the game of golf.

In 2019, the memberships of PWGA and WGANC voted to dissolve as separate women’s associations, and to unify with the Northern California Golf Association effective January 1, 2020. NCGA has created a new Women’s Golf Committee comprising representative from each of the three associations.  The new committee will support the interests of all women golfers in Northern California by identifying future opportunities for the advancement of women’s golf, supporting the execution and administration of historical PWGA and WGANC tournaments, and working with NCGA’s Youth on Course to help raise charitable contributions for girls golf programs and identify potential grant recipients.

A subcommittee of former PWGA board members was formed to continue to conduct PWGA legacy tournaments, including six major tournaments for eighteen-hole club members, two major tournaments for nine-hole club members, and more than 45 play days in each of seven geographical areas (Bay, Fresno, Monterey, North Central, Redwood, Sacramento and Stockton),  all under the NCGA umbrella.  As 2019 PWGA President Sue Kort put it, “I think we’re going to have a great future for women’s golf with the NCGA.”


Meet the members of the 2020 Sub Committee (PDF)


We are grateful to all of the women who have served as PWGA President.  Thank you for your leadership and dedication to Women’s Golf.  (PDF)


Learn More About Founder Helen Lengfeld  (PDF)


Helen Lengfeld Award for outstanding service by a Volunteer

Since 2000 Pacific Women’s Golf Association has given an award to a member for outstanding service to further golf for women and girls without remuneration or recognition.  


Learn More about the Women who have been honored for their Service with the Helen Lengfeld Award ( PDF)