NCGA New Member Referral Drive

for Northern California PGA Professionals and Assistant Professionals

Thank you for partnering with the NCGA to grow our membership and the game of golf in Northern California!

For every new member you refer between March 1st and September 30th, we want to show our appreciation by sending you a $15 Amazon gift card.

Refer 10 new members – get $150!

Refer 25 new members – get $375!

What will they get by joining?

NCGA is a golfing community of over 150,000 golfers. In addition to the handicap service that everyone knows about, we also offer a breadth of golf experiences and seriously good discounts on rounds of golf, equipment, apparel, travel and more.

Did you know?

We now have events for golfers of all abilities – men’s, women’s, mixed teams, seniors and juniors. There are net, scratch, four-ball, scramble and more. The new Weekend Net Tour has 35 one-day flighted events at great courses with a variety of competition formats. The new NCGA Play! is an after-work/weekend social golf program with short clinics and fun golf games. Of course, we also continue to host great championship events.

Who should you refer?

Do you interact with golfers who are out there playing regularly but don’t belong to a club or have a handicap? Do you know players who recently moved to Northern California? Do you see people taking golf lessons or clinics that are ready to ‘get official’? Do you hear golfers talking about looking for net tournaments or after-work clinics and games? How about golfers looking to meet more people to golf with?

If they don’t have a handicap, why should they get one?

They need to know it is not just about tournaments, there are also lots of fun handicap competitions. Joining a club, getting a handicap and trying some out is a great way to meet fellow golfers, gain confidence and improve skills.

Golf is a game and knowing the rules/getting a handicap is a part of the game. Your handicap shows off your potential and tracks your progress toward getting better.

How to redeem your gift card

To get your $15 Amazon gift cards for referring new members, please click the button below:

NCGA will mail the gift cards upon new member GHIN validation.

(For regular memberships only, new member must join within 60 days of form submission and not have been a member as of January 15, 2017.)

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