New! For our NCGA Members – Online Skills Mini-Clinics

Enjoy these videos, we broke them up into some useful categories. They are more than the short tips you see on social media – they are truly segments taken from real clinics to get you ready for going back out on the course with confidence.

Don’t forget to check back as we will be mixing in new videos every month.

Click a category below to view videos in that category:

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Drive On

Driving: Circle Drill – Tom Morton


Driving: Swing Posture – Ashley Wood


It’s all About the Short Game

Iron: Distance Within 100 Yards – Val Verhunce


Iron: Distance Within 100 Yards Follow-up – Val Verhuence


Chipping: Fly to Roll Ratio – Scott Adams


Chipping: Tempo and Timing – Tom Morton


Ball Striking

Striking – Green Side Bunker Strategy – Val Verhunce


Striking: Ball Position To Affect Ball Shape 1019 V1 1 – Val Verhunce


Striking: Ball Position to Affect Ball Shape – Val Verhunce


Striking: Intermediate Target – Scott Adams


Putt for Dough

Putting: Alignment – Jeff Hales


Putting: Reading the Green – Demian Reddy


Putting: Speed Control and Alignment – Scott Adams


Putting: Three Ball Drill – Scott Adams