General Information and Best Practices

NCGA Member Clubs promote the interests of golfers and the NCGA in local golf communities. The following guidelines and best practices have been developed to help NCGA Clubs get started, and to help NCGA Club Officers maintain active and sustainable clubs.

Club Administration

  1. Must have at least 10 members who have a regular opportunity to play golf together. This means that you need to have at least nine other golfers that you have a reasonable and regular opportunity to play golf with in order to start your own club. Several of our current Associate Clubs are made up of people from the same workplace, church, or neighborhood.
  2. Must operate under bylaws with committees. These bylaws explain the structure of the group and guidelines to follow. Your club will need to form a Handicap Committee and/or elect officers and a Handicap Chairperson. The Handicap Chairperson is usually an individual who has access to a computer and is in charge of collecting the membership dues. The duties of the Handicap Committee are outlined in the USGA Handicap System Manual.
  3. Must make peer review available to the members. Once the group is established it is important that peer review is available. Peer review means that club members have the ability to review the scores and Handicap Indexes of fellow members.

Club Dues

Regular Club Dues: $10 Per Hole, Per Year

Regular member clubs are offered three (3) complimentary memberships per year, the value of which is automatically deducted from the balance of their January invoice.

Associate Club Dues: $75 Per Year

Associate member clubs are offered one (1) complimentary membership per year, the value of which is automatically deducted from the balance of their January invoice.

Computer Lease: $100 Per Year

Club dues and fees are billed on the first of the year, each year. In addition to annual club dues, the NCGA will bill a club for each member appearing on the club’s handicap roster. The NCGA requires 100% enrollment of their membership (social members excluded).

Individual Member Dues

Regular adult new or reinstated member: $49

($39 + $10 initiation/reinstatement fee)

Regular adult renewal and multi member: $39

Junior member (under the age of 18): $18

Juniors must be designated as a “J” membership type and have valid birthdate in GHIN profile.

YOC Junior member: $6

YOC Juniors are members of programs recognized by the NCGA Foundation, Youth on Course

Note: Multi-members (individuals who maintain a membership at two or more NCGA member clubs) pay full NCGA dues at all NCGA member clubs.


Key Links

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Each Club is responsible for assigning their own Club leadership and the roles of each Club Officer. Below are sample duties and responsibilities your Club may want to consider when nominating Club leadership.

Club President

  • Call to order and preside at all Club meetings
  • Ensure the Bylaws and policies adopted by the Board are properly executed
  • Exercise general leadership over the business and affairs of the Club and report at each meeting on the general conditions of the Club and any concerns relative to the Club
  • Sign legal and financial documents and correspondence on behalf of the Club
  • Initiate new activities or changes in operating procedures, as needed
  • Perform other duties that may be required by the Board

Club Handicap Chair

  • Attend and/or pass USGA/NCGA Handicap Certification to ensure knowledge of the duties and responsibility of a handicap chairman as described in the USGA Handicap Manual.
  • Ensure that all acceptable member scores for handicap purposes are posted and available for peer review.
  • Help educate members on items such as the proper procedure for filling out a scorecard, the penalties for improper scoring, online score posting, Equitable Stroke Control, and reduced handicap indexes.
  • Periodically review members’ scores and scorecards to ensure accurate entry of scores and rounds.
  • Perform necessary file maintenance for the club score correction.
    Communicate with the NCGA regarding membership index/handicap problems that cannot be solved locally.
  • Maintain and administer the Club’s computer as needed to support NCGA updates.

Club Billing Contact

  • Receive and secure all money of the Club, including NCGA Club and Individual Member Dues.
  • Pay any and all NCGA invoices, including outstanding invoices, in compliance with the NCGA Billing Policy as stated in the NCGA Bylaws.
  • Alert NCGA of any changes to Club Billing Address.

Club Tournament Chair

  • Coordinate with the NCGA to participate in Regular or Associate Club tournaments and events.
  • Coordinate with the NCGA to learn and utilize USGA TM powered by Golf
  • Genius to manage Club tournaments and events.
  • Organize and managing the Club Championship.
  • Implement interesting, fun and challenging tournaments for Club members.

Club Ambassador

  • Serve as the communication liaison between the NCGA and the Club.
  • Contact the NCGA with any questions, ideas or concerns of the Club.
  • Speak with Club members about NCGA benefits, services, programs, and resources.
  • Encourage Club members to participate in NCGA tournaments and events.
  • Attend regional meeting via conference call, webinars, or physical presence.

Each NCGA Member Club is required to operate under bylaws with committees. You may choose to accept the sample NCGA set of bylaws or you can create your own. A newly forming golf club can modify and adapt the following Articles to fit its particular circumstances and should review the document with its own counsel. See Sample Bylaws here.


Golf Clubs often face increasing competition for members, both from other NCGA Clubs, as well as additional sources of leisure and entertainment. Increasing your membership requires focused marketing, targeting those most likely to be interested in joining your club.

Increase Awareness of Your Club

First and foremost, people must know about your club in order to become a member. Membership marketing is vital to club member retention and growth. Your marketing should be carried out in a variety of platforms, but word of mouth is the most powerful way your existing members can drum up interest.

Additionally, the NCGA offers a Clubs Seeking New Members page on our website. If your Club would like to be featured on this page, please email Chris Ceman at

Focus on Membership Value

Retaining engaged, happy members is key to increasing membership. Member stay in a club where they are welcomed and feel like they are receiving value for their membership. Build a strong member calendar, including tournaments and social golf events, fostering camaraderie and commitment within your club.

Encourage Referrals

There’s no better advertising for your club than word of mouth. Encourage them to refer their friends, family, and colleagues to join your golf club. Referrals also offer the benefit of member retention – the more friends and colleagues they have at the club, the better their social experience, and the more likely they are to retain their membership.

Invite Previous Members Back

Things change – your previous members may now have more time to play golf or their financial circumstances may have changed. A personalized letter inviting them back to club is sure to make them feel special.

Offer Multiple Membership Types

In order to attract new members, you may need to create new membership categories to attract different types of members. Not all golfers are the same, so all membership types shouldn’t be either. Some membership categories to consider are:

  • Family Memberships
  • Husband/Wife Memberships
  • Young Executive Membership (18 – 30)
  • Junior Membership (under 18)

Marketing & Communications

Coming Soon! The NCGA is happy to announce that in 2018, we’ll be rolling out an all-in-one membership management platform, memberplanet, to all NCGA Member Clubs. Through memberplanet, clubs of any size will be able to communicate, process payments, and manage their members.

Key Marketing and Communications Features:

Email Newsletters: Send professional, branded email Newsletters with a creative template. Add button links, merge form fields, and view email tracking in real-time.

Events & RSVPs: Boost participation with easy Event Sites. Send email invitations, sell tickets, manage RSVPs, & more. Customize your Event Site with photos, videos, and other interactive features.

Online Forms: Create branded forms and surveys to collect feedback and registrations online. Start with a template and customize with unlimited flexible fields.

Broadcast: Reach members in seconds with the Broadcast feature! Send messages via text and/or email in just a few clicks, from a desktop or the mobile app.

Look for more information on how your club can utilize memberplanet soon!

Tournament & Events


Tournament Resources

Looking to runa tournament, but don’t know where to start? Below is are guidelines and resources that the NCGA uses when running an event – we hope they will help your club too!

Pre-Tournament Checklist
Helpful Items for Tournament Kit
Rules of Golf Resources