Gary Fox, President

Hometown: Ripon
Home Course: Spring Creek GC
Joined NCGA Board: 2014
Family: Wife Darlene, Children Nathan and Melanie, Granddaughter Hailey
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Promoting amateur golf with facilities and tournaments. Helping our junior golfers develop skills and learn valuable life lessons.
Favorite golf memory: Competing against the Brits in our Ripon Cup sister cities competitions. Watching Hailey take her first whacks at the ball. Playing Pebble with my son.


Dave Pearson, Vice President

Hometown: Visalia
Home Course: Visalia CC
College: UCLA
Joined NCGA Board:
Wife Susan, daughters Rhonda, Sheryl and Amy, son Michael
Best part about being an NCGA board member:
Interacting with the staff and other volunteers who also love golf and want to give back to the game. Better understanding the many services the NCGA offers to members and amateur golf.
Favorite golf memory:
Seeing the expression on my youngest daughter’s face at age 6, when she said “just hit it in the hole” as I was about to make a 140 yard shot and it went in. Shooting 64 when I was 65.


Edward Quinn, Secretary/Treasurer

Hometown: Fair Oaks
Home Course: North Ridge CC
College: U.S. Air Force Academy (B.S.), University of Pittsburgh (M.A., Economics), University of Michigan (J.D.) and Harvard Law School (LL.M.)
Joined NCGA Board: 2017
Family: Wife Marta, sons Brendan and Alex
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Golf has enriched my life significantly. I hope that active involvement in the NCGA and Youth on Course will afford opportunities to help other people, especially young people, have that same positive golf experience in their lives.
Favorite Golf Memory: Hard to pick just one, but playing Royal Dornoch on a beautiful day with my 13-year-old son, Brendan, was great.


Bob Goldstein, Immediate Past President

Hometown: Orinda
Home Course: Sequoyah CC
College: Hobart College
Joined NCGA Board: 2013
Family: Wife Christine, daughter Jessica and son Noah
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Being part of an organization that provides unparalleled opportunities to introduce and expose the game to junior golfers as well as teaching them important values that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.
Favorite golf memory: Making a hole-in-one on a 235-yard par 3 witnessed by my daughter whose young eyes could actually see the ball disappear into the cup!


Bill Carle

Hometown: Berkeley
Home Course: Berkeley CC
College: CSU Chico (B.S.) University of California, Berkeley (J.D.)
Joined NCGA Board: 2020
Family: Wife Nancy, sons Tyler and Trevor and granddaughter Ridley
Best part about being an NCGA board member: The opportunity to advocate for the best regional golf organization in the country, supporting our unparalleled events schedule and assuring the value of the game and its lessons reach youth everywhere.
Favorite golf memory: Playing the Old Course with our sons; playing with them in the NCGA Parent-Junior (low gross one year), 35 years of golf vacations with the same three buddies and bringing it on the 18th.


Dana Carrigan

Hometown: Loomis
Home Course: Whitney Oaks and Turkey Creek
College: San Francisco State
Joined NCGA Board: 2021
Family: Husband Cris, children Clay and Claire
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Looking forward to collaborating with the NCGA Board, staff and fellow volunteers to grow the game of golf for players of all skill levels.
Favorite golf memory: Traveling and golfing in Scotland, and walking out on the Old Course.


Erika Corradi

Hometown: Coronado
Home Club: The Olympic Club
College: San Francisco State University (B.A. Business)
Joined NCGA Board: 2022
Family: Husband Dennis, daughter Alexys, married to son-in-law Robert, son Jesse, married to daughter-in-law Leah, grandson Luca, and two sibling cats, Muscles and Lehleh.
Best part about being an NCGA board member: It’s inspiring being a part of a great group of volunteer board members who truly love the game and a professional staff who, together, take seriously their charge to grow the game, elevate member experience and deliver an exceptional product in tournaments, educational opportunities and on the Poppy courses.
Favorite golf memory: It’s a France story. My husband and I were at a resort near Versailles recovering from jetlag and playing on a course inside the walls of an old chateau. We were playing behind a twosome who were fairly “fairway challenged” so frequently we occupied ourselves with enjoying the beautiful sculptures dotting the course while the couple hunted for their errant balls. On one hole they were taking an inordinate amount of time so we hit our tee shots to let them know it was time to move along. When we arrived at the spot where they had disappeared we discovered they had given up the hunt and instead had spread out a blanket and were having lunch with a bottle of wine in the shadow of a sculpture and fountain. They waved and called out Allez-y (go ahead), which we did, calling back, “bon appetit” but I think we would have been happy to join them in their very French style of enjoying a round of golf.


Lynn E. Harvey

Hometown: Fremont
Home Course: Tony Lema Course at Monarch Bay Golf Club
College: UC Berkeley
Joined NCGA Board: 2020
Family: Husband Jose Rivera
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Getting the opportunity to focus more attention on the women’s golf community.
Favorite golf memory: Winning back-to-back PWGA Team Play Championships in 2011 and 2012 and then winning again in 2018. Team events are my favorite format.


Branche’ Jones

Hometown: Sacramento
Home Course: North Ridge CC
College: UC Santa Barbara
Joined NCGA Board: 2022
Family: Wife Jodi
Best part about being an NCGA board member:
Being able to give back to the community and expand golf opportunities for groups that do not have them today.
Favorite golf memory: 
Making my first eagle on the Ocean Course in Kona, Hawaii.


April Kenyon

Hometown: Oakland
Home Course: Fore Women’s Golf Association
College: San Francisco State University
Joined NCGA Board: 2022
Family: Wife Patricia Rothe
Best part about being an NCGA board member: The opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing, talented and committed group of people for NCGA’s common purpose of improving the game of golf, especially for women and youth.
Favorite golf memory: Of all my great memories, the most important has been how much the game positively reshaped my perspective on life. I am a kinder and gentler person to myself. I’m much more successful at handling challenges that stretch my mental toughness both on and off the golf course.


Bob Miller

Hometown: San Carlos
Home Course: Sequoia Woods
Joined NCGA Board: 2019
Family: Wife Deborah Hernas, daughter Shannon Miller and son Carter Miller
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Meeting and working with an extraordinary group of people dedicated to the game of golf.
Favorite Golf Memory: Playing with my daughter when she drove the green on a par-4 and made her first eagle!


Lance Parker

Hometown: San Luis Obispo
Home Course: San Luis Obispo CC
Joined NCGA Board: 2019
Family:  Daughters Kristen and Evyn
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Being able to serve the game I love.
Favorite golf memory: Watching Jack Nicklaus play in the 1972 U.S. Open with my dad!


Kevin Peyton

Hometown: San Jose
Home Course: San Jose CC
College: San Jose State University
Joined NCGA Board: 2018
Family: Wife Melanie, daughters Madeline, Ellie and Abby
Best part about being an NCGA board member: The opportunity to learn and collaborate with a great group of volunteers and staff while contributing to the continued success of Northern California golf.
Favorite Golf Memory: So many great memories, top of the list has to be all the member-guest tournaments, golf trips and playing Pebble Beach Golf Links for the first time with my life-long best friends.



Preston Pinkney

Hometown: Richmond
Home Course: Lake Chabot GC
College: Contra Costa
Joined NCGA Board: 2020
Family: Wife JaVonnie, son Preston, daughter Nia
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Being part of a committed team that is passionate about growing the game of golf.
Favorite Golf Memory: Playing golf at the Olympic Club in 2014 at their annual golf fundraiser with my Ace Kids Golf coaching staff and we won first place.


Greg Rhine

Hometown: Los Gatos
Home Course: San Jose CC
College: University of Missouri
Joined NCGA Board: 2022
Family: Wife Molly, three daughters Michaela, Megan and Betsy
Best part about being an NCGA board member: To be able to support and grow the game and all who play it. Being part of an organization that supports amateur golf and Youth on Course, enabling young golfers to learn and enjoy this great game.
Favorite Golf Memory: There is nothing better than playing 18 with your pals on a beautiful day on a beautiful course.


Karl Rodefer

Hometown: Columbia
Home Course: Greenhorn Creek Resort
Joined NCGA Board: 2021
Family: Wife Jo
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Continuing in a yet more active role to contribute to the best Regional Golf Association in the nation, to enrich the great game of Golf and its inherit values, especially as a personal growth experience for our youth.
Favorite Golf Memory: Playing with a friend and watching his very good tee shot on a 165-yard par three heading toward the hole while he, having lost sight of the ball asked, “Where did it go?” I replied in a very calm almost quiet tone of voice while it was still in the air, “It’s in the hole.” He kept asking me where it went and I kept giving him the same answer in the same tone of voice repeatedly while I watched the ball land left and short of the hole and eventually roll into the hole. When we got to the green he asked, “Seriously, where did it go?” I said again very calmly and quietly, “It’s in the hole”. He went and searched in and around the left greenside bunker for about 5 minutes. I said nothing. Finally, he asked again and I replied the same. He finally went and looked in the hole. I was still laughing when I hit both my drive AND my approach shot on the next hole.


Bill Self

Hometown: Pebble Beach
Home Course: Monterey Peninsula CC
Joined NCGA Board: 2021
Family: Son Trevor and his wife Corinne and granddaughters Clara, Elin and Norah.
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Continuing to promote the game(s) of golf through Tournament and Rules Officiating, supporting Youth on Course to bring the game into a new generation and growing the membership of NCGA.
Favorite Golf Memory: With my late wife Marta on our first trip to Scotland, playing St. Andrews (Old) in the morning, playing Carnoustie in the late afternoon, and realizing on the 18th tee I had the same ball in my hand that I started with, and didn’t lose it on 18 (avoiding the Barry Burn). Penalty-free 36 holes; I still have that ball!


Cathy Stroh

Hometown: Sacramento
Home Course: El Macero Country Club
Joined NCGA Board: 2020
Family: Husband Rey, adult children Shanna and Bryan and two adorable grandchildren, Madison and Chase
Best part about being an NCGA board member: Reaching out to the members and helping provide the very best golfing experience possible and helping grow the game particularly for women and junior golfers.
Favorite Golf Memory: I have golfed on many beautiful courses, and have wonderful memories, by most cherished memories are those that are created when I play with my loved ones and cherished friends. Playing golf makes my heart happy!


Tyler Tharpe

Hometown: Fresno
Home Course: Riverside GC
College: CSU-Fresno (B.A. and B.S.); University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law (JD) 
Joined NCGA Board:
Wife Maria, son Chris
Best part about being an NCGA board member:
Working with extraordinary people to give back to a game that has given so much to me.
Favorite Golf Memory: 
In my first U.S. Open, being assigned to accompany three of the top-eight ranked players in the world then doing so over two days at Oakmont.