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Supporting and promoting golf in Northern California

Water Stewardship Program

The Water Stewardship program is designed with three functions in mind 1) help educate and inform golf course superintendents regarding their irrigation system 2) serve as a secured site that can store and retrieve this information for each facility and 3) utilize this information to help the golf industry educate policy makers and the public in how the industry effectively and efficiently uses this precious resource: water.

This process is completely voluntary and will help superintendents identify strengths and weaknesses of the irrigation system plus highlight any areas that need improvement. The first step in this journey is to increase awareness. Golf course superintendents are encouraged to answer the self-test honestly. This questionnaire covers a wide range of topics in regards to the irrigation system. Begin each category by answering the questions in order. First read the goal for each section and circle the closest answer that best describes your current irrigation system and/or management practice.

Self Test Sections