Nor Cal Community College Championships
Nor Cal Community College Championships
Updated: 5/10/2010 7:37 pm PDT - The top 4 teams and the top six individuals not on a qualifying team will advance to the State Championship

1West Hills College +31F+69398391    789
Steve Tarkon
West Hills College+7F 7579     
Cole Neal
West Hills College+12F 7884     
JD Brewer
West Hills College+10F 8482     
Steve Green
West Hills College+5F 8877     
AJ Maxedon
West Hills College+5F 8377     
John Smith
West Hills College+4F 7876     
2Chabot College +34F+72398394    792
Dane Jensen
Chabot College+9F 7981     
Greg Atkinson
Chabot College+9F 8081     
Scott Gregory Jr.
Chabot College+3F 7375     
Jared Correa
Chabot College+7F 8679     
Andy Quintero
Chabot College+6F 8078     
Alex Calleja
Chabot College+12F 8784     
3Fresno City College +30F+75405390    795
Tom Richardson
Fresno City College+3F 7875     
Patrick Bell
Fresno City College+14F 8286     
Jack Mulroy
Fresno City College+4F 8076     
Todd Sakamoto
Fresno City College+3F 8975     
Kris Kennel
Fresno City College+8F 8380     
Mike Dwyer
Fresno City College+12F 8284     
4American River College +39F+83404399    803
Jeff Cornez
American River College+6F 8178     
Chris Armas
American River College+10F 8282     
Josh Vaughn
American River College+16F 8588     
Zack Rispin
American River College+7F 8479     
Jared Waldie
American River College+8F 7880     
Dmitriy Vakhnenko
American River College+8F 7980     
5Sierra College +42F+85403402    805
Phil Snow
Sierra College+5F 8177     
Wes Sandroni
Sierra College+9F 7881     
Kevin Ponath
Sierra College+10F 8382     
Daniel Kraker
Sierra College+6F 8078     
Ausin Heikila
Sierra College+12F 8684     
Matt Robinson
Sierra College+21F 8193     
6Butte College +44F+87403404    807
Chris Herzog
Butte College+6F 7878     
Tim Marskey
Butte College+11F 7983     
Michael Jergentz
Butte College+6F 8678     
Daniel Holmberg
Butte College+13F 7985     
Scott Lassen
Butte College+8F 8280     
James Derby
Butte College+14F 8586     
T7San Jose City College +48F+90402408    810
Gary Leung
San Jose City College+9F 7981     
Nick Neri
San Jose City College+7F 8279     
Brian Nagata
San Jose City College+22F 8094     
Billy Alley
San Jose City College+5F 7877     
Watson Chang
San Jose City College+10F 9182     
Daniel Manning
San Jose City College+17F 8389     
T7Foothill College +33F+90417393    810
Brenton Bowen
Foothill College+7F 8079     
Elliott Hume
Foothill College+9F 8581     
Chris MacDonald
Foothill College+7F 8779     
Jamie Walsh
Foothill College+2F 8374     
Barrett McGrath
Foothill College+8F 8880     
Sean Denny
Foothill College+13F 8285     
9Cabrillo College +45F+98413405    818
Greg Auer
Cabrillo College+7F 7679     
Thomas Bischoff
Cabrillo College+6F 8078     
Adam Cho
Cabrillo College+13F 8185     
Jason Haas
Cabrillo College+10F 8882     
Neil Ostermann
Cabrillo College+9F 9181     
Ryan Mock
Cabrillo College+13F 8885     
10Modesto College +37F+107430397    827
David Kukesh
Modesto College+10F 8682     
Kyle Thomas
Modesto College+2F 8374     
Clayton Aguilar
Modesto College+13F 8685     
Luke Odle
Modesto College+8F 8780     
Leonard Rosa
Modesto College+4F 8876     
Ted Hamlin
Modesto College+14F 9786     
11Delta College +60F+125425420    845
Blake Bertrand
Delta College+7F 8879     
Shane Conner
Delta College+5F 8377     
Brad Bonneau
Delta College+19F 8891     
Jordan Stevenson
Delta College+17F 8289     
Drake Dutschke
Delta College+20F 8692     
Jake Tecklenburg
Delta College+12F 8684     
Santa Rosa College           
Max Brazill
Santa Rosa College+5F 7477     
Nicholas Frisk
Santa Rosa College+8F 8080     
D J Myers
Santa Rosa College+10F 8282     
Napa Valley College           
Kyle Culbertson
Napa Valley College+11F 8683     
Jordy Hayes
Napa Valley College+8F 8680     
Todd Nalley
Napa Valley College+7F 8579     
James Parker
Napa Valley College+9F 8181     
Canada College           
Clayton Fandel
Canada College+15F 8087     
Reedley College           
Phil Henderson
Reedley College+9F 9181     
Shane Thomas
Reedley College+14F 7986     
Monterey Peninsula College           
Dillon Soldwisch
Monterey Peninsula College+13F 7985     
Chad Stange
Monterey Peninsula College+11F 8483     

The asterisk (*) indicates starting on the 10th tee.