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IMG_012111 Tournament officials and course raters carry out the essential activities of the NCGA ranging from the administration of the many championships to the assigning of course rating and slope information. Click to Volunteer
Rules-Seminars-1 The NCGA offers classroom and on-course seminars offering a better understanding of the rules. The classes teach the rules through a variety of practical situations. Click to sign up for a Seminar
Koaches-300x197 Have a nagging question on the Rules of Golf? Stump the NCGA Rules Expert is an interactive blog where people post questions relating to rules situations. An NCGA staff member is on-hand to answer. Click to submit a question
rules-quiz Complete online rules quizzes provided by the USGA. A great way to test your knowledge and practice before an upcoming rules test. Click here to take a Quiz | For the 2016 NCGA Rules Quiz click here
rules2016 View the entire USGA Rules and Decisions book online. Click to View
RulesEdSeries_final_200x1850 The USGA has released a series of videos offering simple, straight-forward explanations of how to play by the Rules. The videos focus on what your choices are when applying the Rules in situations that happen regularly while playing and include a selection of questions and answers. Learn more