Supporting and promoting golf in Northern California

NCGA Play!

Celebrating Shorter, Faster and More Affordable Golf

  • Golf is a game, and the NCGA is embracing that!

    NCGA PLAY! is a series of shorter, faster and more affordable ways to play golf.
    It’s social and sharable, welcoming and relatable.

Take a Swing at Shorter Golf with NCGA PLAY!

We’ve created unique leagues and events that can be played after work and on weekends.

We feel any way you can have fun with a golf club in your hand is a good thing, so we’ve come up with all the different ways you can, whether that’s on a course big or small, or at putting greens and driving ranges.

And we think a beverage always tastes better after a round of golf! (That’s why we’ve included drink tickets with most events.)

NCGA MEMBERS: NCGA Play! has closed for the 2016 season, but join us again in 2017 for more fun-filled shorter and faster golf.