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What are the benefits of being an NCGA member/where can I find a list of member benefits?

An NCGA membership includes an official USGA Handicap Index, discounts at courses all over Northern California with exclusive member rates at Poppy Hills and Poppy Ridge, tournaments, member outings and more. For a full list of benefits, click here

What are the member rates at Poppy Hills and Poppy Ridge?

Members can play for $72 Monday through Thursday at Poppy Hills and $100 Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Guests of NCGA members pay $102 Monday through Thursday and $130 Friday through Sunday. Rates at Poppy Ridge range from $57 on weekdays ($70 public) to $79 on weekends and holidays ($95).

Will my membership last a year after I sign up?

The NCGA membership operates on a calendar year, january-December. From the time you sign up, your membership will last until the end of the year, at which point you will need to renew.Out renewal period beigns Oct. 1 for the following year.

How do I renew my membership?

Contact your current club to renew or you can join a different club. Be sure to provide your same GHIN number.

What's my GHIN numer? I can't find my GHIN number

Your GHIN number is the seven digit number on your NCGA membership card and the number refernced in your bi-monthly ERevision. You can also contact your club or the NCGA for your GHIN number.

When and how will I get my GHIN number after I sign up?

Your NCGA membership can take up to 24 hours to activate.  Once active, you will receive an email with your GHIN #.  If you signed up with a previous GHIN #, feel free to check on your activation by logging in at  If you do not receive the email or have any questions regarding your GHIN #, please contact our office or

I've had a GHIN number before; can I use the same one if I rejoin the NCGA?

If you’re having trouble logging into the app, try updating it to the latest version and/or deleting it then re-downloading it. 

Can I keep the same GHIN number and transfer my membership from one club to another and/or another golf association?

Should you join a new club and/or golf association, please do so using your existing GHIN number. However, please know that your NCGA membership is nontransferable, meaning that you will need to pay for another membership with each club that you join and there are no discounts for having multiple memberships.  

How do I cancel my NCGA membership?

If you need to cancel your NCGA membership, please contact our office or and we will deactivate it, please also let your club know.  However, please know that as long as you have not opted in to auto renew with eClub, your membership is good through the end of year and will deactivate at that point. 

Why am I paying the NCGA fee with each additional club I join?

As a nonprofit, we are reliant on member dues and must bill clubs for any added members regardless of their memberships elsewhere. 

What is a multi-member?

A multi-member is a member of more than one NCGA club. 

If I’m a PWGA or WGANC member, is there a NCGA membership for me?

The NCGA offers a $25 association membership for anyone that is a currently a member of the PWGA or WGANC. Register as a PWGA member here and register as a WGANC member here.  If you do join our association membership, please know that your Handicap Index will be issued through your PWGA or WGANC club and the NCGA does not have the ability to edit or delete any of your scores. 

How do I update my home and/or email address?

If you need to update your home address, please contact our office or  If you need to update your email address, you may do so by logging in at and click on register/change your email address.  

Does the NCGA have an app to post scores on?

Yes, we offer the “my NCGA” app available for smart phones and tablets. You may download it for free to post your scores and check your Handicap on the go.  

The NCGA app is not working, what should I do?

If you’re having trouble logging into the app, try updating it to the latest version and/or deleting it then re-downloading it. 

Does the NCGA do anything for Hole-in-Ones?

Yes. If you get a hole in one, fill out and send us the hole-in-one entry form found under Membership/Hole-in-One Sweepstakes.  You will then receive a congratulations ball marker, your name will be posted on the website and you’ll be entered in a drawing held the first week of January for a chance to win a free round of golf for you and three friends at Poppy Hills or Poppy Ridge!  

Can a spouse and/or family join at a discounted rate?

As a non-profit, we are reliant on member dues and do not offer family our spousal discounts.  

Do you offer senior, military, or student discounts for membership?

NCGA Clubs are autonomous, so contact your respective club and see what they have to offer. 

We have more than one member in our family; can we just have one NCGA magazine delivered to our home?

Yes, contact and we will be happy to accommodate your request. 

Where can I find the Golf Course Directory?

A full list and map of golf courses in the Northern California are can be found here.  Our members will also be provided with an updated directory in our January edition of NCGA Golf  

What's the youngest you can be to join the NCGA?

There are no age limits on membership.  


How do I turn off my auto renewal?

If you would like to turn off your auto renewal, please fill out this form or contact our office at

I’m an Eclub member, are there tournaments I can play in?

Yes. As an active eClub member, you will receive emails regarding upcoming eClub tournaments about twice a month. You can also check the eClub tournament calendar.

When does the eClub tournament schedule get released?'

Typically, the tournament calendar is released in December. The season begins in early February and runs into October. The schedule follows the NCGA Championship qualifiers, with 2 season-long match play events and a club championship.

Where can I register for Eclub Tournaments?'

The Eclub tournament calendar can be found HERE (change “Season” tab to current year eClub Tournaments). For first-time users, you must create a login account. 

I didn’t get a receipt, how do I know my payment went through?'

If you do not receive a receipt for your payment, it is possible your email was entered incorrectly.  Please check your bank statement before signing up again, if the payment went through contact our office or to ensure your activation and correct your email address if need be. 

Member Outings

What is a Member Outing and where can I learn more about them?

Member Outings are a chance for members to play country clubs and exclusive resorts throughout Northern California. The schedule for these outings and trips is usually released in December.  As an active NCGA member, you will receive an email with the calendar of events.

What courses can I expect to find on the Member Outings schedule?

Member Outings are held at private and resort clubs on their day of closure (generally Mondays).  Clubs that we usually visit each year include Lake Merced, Pasatiempo, and Edgewood Tahoe.  We also take trips to golf destinations like Bandon Dunes, Scotland and Ireland. 

Rules and Competitions

How do I register for NCGA tournaments?

You may register online, through your club, or by contacting our office. To register online, visit, Competitions, and either log in or create a new log in. A full list of tournaments can be found here, however, not all tournaments are conducted by the NCGA.  To obtain eligibility information and entry forms for events that are listed without an NCGA logo, please call the club hosting the tournament. 

I can login to post a score but I can’t log in to register for a tournament, what should I do?

Your login to post a score and your login to register for an event are different. If you have not registered for an NCGA event before, create a login here using your GHIN number and last name.

It’s within seven days of the tournament and I haven’t received my information sheet/pairings. What should I do?

Check our Tournament Central page or contact the Rules and Competitions Department at (831) 625-4653 as soon as possible. You may also want to check your junk/spam folder, as emails with links (such as the link to your pairings) are sometimes flagged as spam.

How do I withdraw from a tournament I can no longer play in?

For an individual event, you must officially withdraw from the tournament by contacting the Rules and Competitions Department at (831) 625-4653 or emailing before the day of the tournament.  Failure to do so will deem you a NO SHOW and you will be suspended from all NCGA play for one year.  If you are withdrawing from a club event you should follow the instructions above and in addition, contact your club official so that, if applicable, a substitution can be found.

Can I play in a tournament regardless of my skill level?

We have tournaments for all skill levels to participate in.  To determine if you are eligible to play in a particular tournament visit our Championship Handbook.

I’m a junior, are there tournaments I can play in beside the junior championships?

Yes.  In addition to the Parent/Child Foursome Stroke-Play and the Northern California Junior Players’ Championship, the NCGA and NCPGA offer the Junior Tour of Northern California for boys and girls, ages 10-18.  The tour consists of 36-hole events on weekends in the spring and fall, and weekdays in the summer.  Entry fees are $130 per event and include golf and lunch each day. Membership in the tour is required; it is $60 and includes a NCGA membership. 

Can I learn the rules of golf through the NCGA?

The NCGA offers several opportunities to learn the Rules of Golf, you can visit our Rules Resources page or you can attend one of our seminars.  We offer two types of seminars: 1) our Rules Seminars from January-March are two days with an optional exam given on the third day; 2) our On Course Rules Seminars given twice in the summer and twice in the Fall cover various situations in an on-course setting and run from 8am-3pm. For more information about our Rules Seminars please click here.  

Is there a Rules of Golf app?

The USGA offers a Rules of Golf app available for smart phones and tablets. You may download it or purchase it with additional features from your device’s app store. The NCGA does not have a separate Rules of Golf app.  

I have a specific Rules question, where can I get the answer?

For a list of common Rules questions, click here.  If your questions cannot be answered through the link provided, please call our rules hotline (831) 622-8229. You may also submit a question to our Rules Expert at Stump the Rules Expert.   

What is the NCGA points system and where can I find a full list of tournaments?

The NCGA points system is used to select team members for competitions against other regional golf association as well as determine the NCGA Player of the Year, Senior Player of the Year, Super Senior Player of the Year, Women’s Player of the Year and Senior Women’s Player of the Year. There are currently more than 100 tournaments in the points program, including all USGA and NCGA Championships as well as city, county and regional tournaments. A complete listing can be found in the calendar of events.  

How does a tournament become a points event?

Tournament sponsors or officials wishing to have their event recognized as a NCGA points tournament should contact the Rules & Competitions Office at the NCGA for an application form. Upon review, the NCGA staff will make a recommendation to the NCGA Tournament Committee to approve or deny the application.  

Does a player have to be a NCGA member to compete in points tournaments?

A player must be a NCGA member to compete in a NCGA championship and earn points in any other points events.  This is especially important in four-ball events; unless both players are NCGA members no points are awarded.  

What age limit does the NCGA set for senior points tournaments?

A player must be 55 years of age or older by the start of the championship to receive senior points and to be eligible for the Senior Player of the Year award. We recognize that some senior events set their limit at 50 years of age. If a player between 50 to 54 earns points in any senior point tournament, the player will not receive points on either (regular or senior) list. The order of finish among players 55 and older will determine the distribution of points. For example, if a player 50 to 54 finishes first, the player would NOT receive those points towards the regular points list, and the points will go to the highest finish among the 55 and older players.  

What are One Day Competitions?

NCGA One Day Competitions are events on a weekend for net (using handicap) play, with players divided by skill using flights. Events are held around the region and gift cards are awarded to winners of the flights. 

When does the One Day Competitions schedule get released?

We anticipate releasing the schedule of One Day Competitions in December orJanuary. You can expect to find events from March through October, with about 20-25 events total in 2017.  


How do I establish a Handicap Index?

Membership to one of our clubs gives you a GHIN #, which is needed to establish a Handicap Index.  You must post a minimum of five 18-hole scores or ten 9-hole scores before your handicap will be updated, however, to have an accurate depiction of your true index, we recommend 20 scores to be posted.  Bi-monthly eRevisions are emailed on the 1st and 15th of every month.  If you miss the cut-off date (the 14th and last day of each month), your golfer information will show as NH (no handicap) until the next eRevision.

How is a Handicap Index calculated?

The USGA GHIN Handicap System tracks your scoring history and calculates your Index using a formula.  To see the formula, refer to the NCGA Handicap Manual Section 10-2, page 76 

I didn't receive my updated Handicap, what should I do?

The GHIN Handicap system is set up to try delivering an eRevision up to 3 times before discontinuing it.  Check your spam folder and be sure to add to your safe sender list.  You may also contact our handicap department at to be provided with a copy of your eRevision.

How do I post a 9-hole score?

When posting a 9-hole score, be sure to select “9-hole score” rather than “18-hole score,” verifying which 9 holes you played e.g. front or back.  Your score will be combined with the next 9-hole score you post to create an 18-hole score; until then it will not affect your Handicap Index.

I posted a wrong score, what should I do?

Contact your club’s handicap chairperson as he/she has the ability to edit/delete member’s incorrect scores.  If you’re an eClub member, please contact NCGA directly at

I played a round out-of-state and when I went to post I didn’t see the course on the NCGA website. Can I still post the score?

When posting online, only courses that use GHIN as their handicap vendor will be displayed.  If you do not find the course you wish to post to, you will need to enter the course’s slope and rating by selecting the “manual” score type.  This works for any course around the world as long as it has a slope/course rating.

I went to post my score from a Par 3 course and didn’t see the course on the NCGA website. Can I still post the score?

There are certain Par 3 courses that are not post-able. To meet USGA requirements, a rating for posting purposes must be at least 1500 yards and have at least one par 4 in which a driver would be used.

Where can I find my most recent scores posted?

To view your most recent scores, you can login at and click on the “recent scores” tab above the table.  You may also view your recent scores on the NCGA App where you could select “stats.”

Why is there an “R” after my handicap index?

An “R” after your Handicap Index means that two or more tournament scores have been posted within the past year that are at least three strokes better than the current Handicap Index based on the most recent twenty scores and a reduction has been set in place.

Will the “R” be removed from my index?

Your Handicap Index will be re-calculated every eRevision using eligible tournament scores, which may maintain, or alter, the status of your “R” designated index.  If your club feels that the reduced Handicap Index does not accurately reflect your potential ability, it has the authority to increase, decrease, or even remove the “R.”

What is a tournament (T) score?

A tournament score is one made in a competition organized and conducted by the committee in charge of the competition.  Clubs should only designate their most important events as tournament scores and not all club events should be posted as a tournament.

How long do tournament scores (T-scores) stay on my index?

T-Scores are kept for a minimum of one calendar year form when they are posted or longer if they are still within a player’s current 20-score history. 

Can I get my Handicap adjusted due to an injury that kept me from playing golf for months?

Contact your club’s handicap chairperson/committee as they have the authority to adjust a player’s Index due to an injury. 

What is a scratch golfer?

A scratch golfer is one who can play to a course handicap of zero on any and all rated golf courses. 

What is “peer review?

Peer review allows players to gain an understanding of another player’s potential ability in order to form a reasonable basis for supporting or disputing scores that have been posted. 

What constitutes the new rule of a “golfer not playing alone?

As long as someone accompanies you during the round for at least 7 holes e.g. caddie, friend riding in golf cart, opponent, fellow competitor, child, etc. that can attest to your score, the player is not considered playing alone and the score may be posted. 

What is a home club?

The USGA no longer has a designation for a home club for its members.  Years ago it was the club you selected as your primary club.  This is no longer applicable. Each club is of equal value weather you are a member of one club or several clubs.  

I am playing against golfers who wish to play against a different set of tees than me. Can we still have an equitable competition?

In such a circumstance, an equitable competition can be achieved, but you must take into account the players’ course handicaps from the tees they are playing and the difference in course rating between the set of tees being played by all competitors. Section 3-5 of the USGA Handicap System explains this further. 

What is a course handicap and how do I calculate it?

A player’s course handicap refers to the number of stroked they receive based on their Handicap Index on a specific set of tees at a specific course.  You can calculate your course handicap by:

  • Using the NCGA “Course Handicap Tables” located at each course in our region
  • Using the free NCGA mobile app
  • Inputting the course information to the USGA Course Handicap Calculator  

What is Equitable Stroke Control and how do I use it?

Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) is the downward adjustment of individual hole scores in order to make a Handicap Index more representative of a player’s potential ability. ESC sets the maximum score a player can post on any hole in a given round based on their course handicap, as follows:

Course Handicap Maximum Number on Any Hole
9 or less Double Bogey
10-19 7
20-29 8
30-39 9
40+ 10

Will Tournament Pairing Program (TPP) work on Windows 10?

TPP is not compaatible with Windows 10 or Mac. TPP works with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and most versions of 8.1