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NCGA Fees/Dues

The NCGA is an association of member clubs. Member clubs are divided into two categories: 1) Regular clubs and 2) Associate clubs.

Regular clubs are duly organized clubs that play out of a golf course. Only one regular club is permitted per golf course facility. Associate clubs are duly organized clubs without real estate.

Regular member club dues are based on the number of holes at the facility ($10 per hole, per year), plus $100 per year for the leasing of the handicap computer system installed at its course. Three complimentary memberships are offered to regular clubs per year, the value of which is automatically deducted from the balance on the January invoice.

Associate club dues are $75 per year. One complimentary membership is offered to associate clubs per year, the value of which is automatically deducted from the balance of the January invoice.

How do I get a credit for my club?

Club officers may apply for credits as necessary.  A credit request form must be sent to the NCGA office in Pebble Beach.

Do NOT send additional documentation, notes, etc., with payment to the San Francisco lock box address. Credits will not be considered until such time as a club has deleted the golfer(s) in question from its roster, or, in the case of juniors billed as regular members, until the club has changed the member type to J and entered the appropriate date of birth.

The amount of any credit issued will vary based upon the costs already incurred by the NCGA on behalf of the golfer (monthly handicap service fee, magazine issues, cost of membership card, etc.).

Complimentary Memberships

All NCGA regular clubs automatically receive a credit on its initial billing of the year equal to the value of three complimentary memberships.  All NCGA associate clubs now automatically receive a credit equal to the value of one complimentary membership.

Clubs are billed for all members either at regular or Jjnior rates (depending on the age of the member) less the value of the complimentary membership(s) issued via a credit notation on the invoice.

Deaths reported to the NCGA in time for removal of the deceased’s name from the club roster by the March 1st handicap revision are subject to a full credit upon receipt of the credit request.

Foreign Memberships

The NCGA does not accept foreign addresses for membership. No effort will be made to forward Membership cards and magazine issues to addresses outside the United States. Clubs are instructed to enter a domestic address for their foreign members and may forward the materials at their own expense.