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The spirit of golf lies in proper handicapping. The source of equitable handicap indexes is an accurate course rating system. The NCGA follows USGA principles and rates each of its courses through the direction of staff and well-trained course rating committeemen. Cut-off dates for handicap revisions are the 14th and the last day of the month. Handicaps are issued on the 15th and 1st of each month, and are sent to NCGA members via email.

Looking for the slope and course rating of a certain golf course? Go to the Course Directory page.

Handicap Manual

Quick References:
Section 2:
An explanation of slope Definition | Discussion | Slope Charts | Equitable stroke control table
Section 3-5: Players competing from different sets of tees Definition | Discussion
Section 5-2:
Posting Scores Definition
Section 5-2e: Guidelines for posting tournament scores Definition | Discussion
Section 10-3: Reduction of handicap index based on exceptional tournament scores Definition
Section 17: Stroke hole allocation guidelines Definition

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