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A NEW Club Administrative Tool

Spend your time on the course – not behind a desk.
Your club’s homepage is its face to the world. At eClubhouse, the look and feel of your club’s homepage is yours to design. Choose from a variety of professionally designed quality templates, or customize your look to match your club’s personality.

Convenience and Efficiency

Members want convenience, you want efficiency – have it all with eClubhouse. The less time you and your members spend managing their club dues or tournament fees, the more time everyone can spend playing golf. Throughout eClubhouse, your members will continue to have the option to pay by check if they’d like, but most will welcome the convenience and security of payments by credit card.

In any eClubhouse transaction, the security of your members’ credit card information is paramount. To protect all club members, we have contracted with CyberSource and RunTime Technologies®. CyberSource is one of the industry’s leading third-party security vendors. They are Visa security program certified, and every transaction is secured using the most advanced protection innovations available today including 128 bit SSL communications and DES digital signatures.

RunTime Technologies has established a credit card program specifically designed for golf clubs. A club can apply to accept credit cards online from within its eClubhouse site, and technical integration with the site is free of charge. Because the RunTime program was designed to meet the needs of clubs and their organizers, members pay for dues and events with their credit card and the funds are deposited directly into the club checking account. Transaction fees are automatically deducted from each transaction, and the program can be set up without fees during the off-season.

Broadcast E-mail – Keep Members Informed

Good communication is the glue that holds a club and its members together. That said, staying in touch with your members should not take up a lot of your time. eClubhouse offers a simple, intuitive interface for e-mail functionality that allows you to quickly and easily broadcast important e-mails — in club-branded letterhead — to your membership.

eClubhouse and the Tournament Pairing Program – Perfect Together

Throughout eClubhouse, you can easily create, market and manage club events and tournaments. Club members can RSVP and pay for events online, and you can export their RSVPs for tournament play directly into GHIN® Tournament Pairing Program (TPP). Posted tournament pairings, as well as tournament results, can be generated and imported back from TPP and conveniently published on the club site.

Announce Club News and Events – In No Time

eClubhouse puts you in control of the content and visibility of the club site. Post member-only news and events as you see fit, as well as public-access news and events to drive recruitment. The tools are easy to use, and everything is managed through a Web browser — with no new software required. If you can use Microsoft Word, you will be comfortable creating and editing content for your eClubhouse site.

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