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Exemptions From Qualifying for an NCGA Event

In order to receive an exemption, players are required to register for that tournament prior to the closing date and must meet all eligibility requirements unless indicated otherwise. When exemptions are determined an e‐mail invitation will be sent to remind players to submit their entries.

Special Exemptions –  The NCGA reserves the right to award exemptions based on special circumstances. If a player feels that it is warranted, he/she may submit a playing resume for consideration outlining their achievements in any non-NCGA event.  Accomplishments in non-NCGA events that warrant an exemption as outlined in the policy must have been achieved while an active member of the NCGA. Each request will be reviewed by the NCGA Championship Committee after which the player will be notified of the decision made. All requests must be submitted to the Director of Rules & Competitions prior to the entry closing date. Requests may be made via US Mail, fax, or email. No request will be considered by phone. NOTE: The term “Special Circumstances” refers to a player’s individual playing performances and does not include a player’s inability to qualify due to another commitment such as work or vacation.