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2016 NCGA Course Rater of the Year—Tom Huckaby

Oct. 14, 2016

2016 NCGA Course Rater of the Year—Tom Huckaby


Throughout his days playing as a junior and later in college, San Jose resident Tom Huckaby always wondered exactly how golf courses were rated.

Little at the time did he know that’d eventually become a course rater.

“I was always just curious how it all worked,” said the now 53-year-old Huckaby. “I wanted to know how one course was different from another.”

The question piqued Huckaby’s mind enough that, years later, he eventually wrote the NCGA enquiring how one became a course rater. In 2001, he got a call back from the NCGA asking if his services were available.

The rest, as Huckaby will tell you, is history.

“I still the enjoy the process. It’s hard to explain. Once you get expertise it becomes second nature,” Huckaby said. “I enjoy working with the other guys. It’s always a team effort.”

Huckaby has become so good at it that around seven years ago he was named a course rating captain. Now a veteran, he has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

“I can’t imagine stopping now,” he said. “It’s become a part of me. I’ll do it as long as they want me to do it.”

-Jerry Stewart

Author: Jerry Stewart

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