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Interesting Rulings for Tournament Officials

Please post any interesting rulings that you have encountered. This will be a great learning tool for all Tournament Officials.

More information on the rules can be found:

Author: rfarb

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  • Sam Gross

    2015 Net Amateur Qualifier at Rancho Canada

    A player hit his tee shot which landed in the rough. Prior to playing his second shot, the player the made a couple of practice swings one of which moved his ball sideways about two feet and still in the rough. The player then played his second shot from the ball’s new location. While walking to the ball, the player and his marker/fellow competitor engaged in a conversation concerning his second shot and that he was required to replace the ball after moving it with a practice swing. The player then picked up the ball and returned to where his original ball had landed (tee shot). The player then dropped a ball at this
    location and played the ball which landed in a green side bunker. The player then played out the hole from the bunker and then holed out in three more shots.

    The Committee looked at all of the applicable decisions prior to ruling that the players score was an 11; 7 strokes and 4 penalty
    strokes. We think we got it right.

    1. When the player moved his ball with a practice stroke he violated rule 18-2a. Decision 18-2a/20 covers this situation and the player and he was required to replace the ball and receive a 1 stroke penalty.

    2. When the player failed to replace the ball and played a stroke from the new location, the player then played from a wrong place and violated rule 20-7a, ii. This resulted in a 2 stroke penalty. The Committee determined that a serious breach did not occur as the ball was still in the rough and in a similar lie. The player was then required to complete play with the ball played from the wrong place as stated in rule 20-7c. So far, the player has a received 2 penalty strokes. (1+2=2)

    3. After the discussion with his marker/fellow competitor, the player incorrectly picked up his ball in play and believed that he had to correct his mistake and return to where his tee shot had come to rest (Prior to moving the ball with a practice stroke). When the player dropped a ball in that location, the player dropped in a wrong place. The player could have corrected this prior to making a stroke. He should have either replaced the ball after lifting it or,under stroke and distance, dropped the ball at the place where his last stroke was played from. In either case, it would only have been a 1 stroke penalty for violating Rule 18 or 1 stroke penalty under stroke and distance Rule 27. However, the player played a stroke from yet another wrong place and violate rule 20-7a again. As the place where the player played from was again in the rough and in a similar lie, the player did not commit a serious breach. Now the player has received 2 more penalty strokes for a total of 4.

    The above are both General Penalties under Rule 18. Both moved ball in play and didn’t replace the ball. The stroke made in between separates the incidents. Just a twisty version of 20-7c/2.