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25th Annual NCGA Team Match Championship

Carmel Valley Ranch GC
October 25-26, 2013

October 26, 2013

by Spencer Sorensen

CARMEL VALLEY – On the silver anniversary of the NCGA Team Match Play Championship, something special was bound to happen. Sure enough it did, and it came in the form of Whitney Oaks GC defending its title and becoming only the third team to accomplish that feat.

2013 NCGA Team Match Play Champions: Whitney Oaks GC

Whitney Oaks GC defeated Lake of the Pines CC 26-10 to win the 25th NCGA Team Match Play Championship at Carmel Valley Ranch GC on Saturday, in a format where two players from a side face off against two players from an opposing side in a four-ball and individual match concurrently, with players/team earning two points for a win and one point for a halve.

A second consecutive title was in Whitney Oaks GC sights early as the first two groups swept all six points to get off to a 12-0 lead.

Pat McDonald defeated Terry Cross 3-and-2 and Spencer Page took down Joe Slane 1 up, while the duo won their four-ball match over Cross and Slane 2-and-1. Then in the second group Jeff Burkhead and Whitney Oaks captain Gary White each won their respective matches by 3-and-2 margins, and won their four-ball match by 1-up. Burkhead beat Lake of the Pines’ Steve Drew and White beat Colin McDonald.

“Pat McDonald and Spencer Page, who are really are top-2 players, have been nails the whole time,” said White. “They were our first group out and really led us [today].”

In the third group another four points nearly sewed things up and extended Whitney Oaks lead to 16-2. There Jeff Lafleur beat Robert Jacobson 2-and-1, while Lake of the Pines got on the board with a 5-and-4 victory by Scott Cunnigham over Mike Poetsch. However, Whitney Oaks’ Lafleur and Poetsch secured the two points for the four-ball with a tight 1-up victory.

Lake of the Pines looked to have some life in them winning the fourth group, securing four points to two points, but at that stage any sort of a comeback was too little, too late. Whitney Oaks locked up the title in the final two groups winning the majority of the points in both earning four of the six available points to win in a dominating fashion.

White credits Whitney Oaks team match success for the continuity of the program as the majority of the team has been playing together for other a decade.

“There’s a lot of camaraderie,” he said. “It’s a really good group.”

And in 2014 the 26th year of the team match program, the Whitney Oaks team really hopes to be making history and become the first to ever three-peat.

“Next year we want to come back and win it a third time,” said White.

In the consolation match Tehama GC beat Green Hills CC by a score of 20-16. The consolation match was much more competitive as after the first four groups the two teams were in a 12-12 tie. However, the fifth group was the difference maker as Tehama’s Dave Eckles and Bob Simpson swept all six points to take an 18-12 lead. Eckles defeated Manny Macheda 4-and-2 and Simspon beat Herb Kwok 1-up, while winning the four-ball match 2-and-1.

The NCGA Team Match Play Championship will return to newly-renovated Poppy Hills in 2014.


Whtiney Oaks GC (champions): Back row: Scott Straud, Kyle Gilmore, Steve Rath and Greg Larson. Third Row: Pat McDonald, Steve Ronan, Mike Poetsch and Gary White. Second Row: Fred Huston, Jeff Lafleur, Chuck Roberts and Jeff Burkhead. Front Row: Terry Siler, Ed McGreehan, Spencer Page and Ben Menold.

Lake of the Pines CC (runner-ups): Back Row: Mike Burwell, Joe Slane, Russ Broughan and Tom Anderson. Third row: Jim Mullins, Jim Bolin, Terry Cross and Steve Drew. Second row: Colin McDonald, Chuck Madenford, Bill Ehler and Scott Cunningham. Front row: Rob Pio, Jack Bense, Bob Jacobsen and Alan Searls.

Tehama GC (third place): Back Row: Tom Zoller, Bill Yacobovich, Dan Archer and Gerry Schwartzel. Third Row: Bob Finn, Dave Eckles, David Gill and Jason Sweet. Second Row: Jim Castle, Bob Simpson, Marc Bromley and Clark Struve. Front Row: Ben Perry, Rick Leibovich, Erik Goettsch and Bill Kiely.

Green Hills CC (fourth place): Back row: Jerry Yee, Gustavo Eydelsteyn and Paul Sheng. Third Row: Manny Maceda, Roger Haeussler, Herbert Kwok and Jim Kauffman. Second Row: Tim Gilmartin, Tom Broderick, Alpio Barbara and Neil Cu. Front Row: Jerry Kwok, Gabriel Ang and Johnny Dang.


October 25, 2013

by Spencer Sorensen

CARMEL VALLEY – Now, only two remain.

After a long season of team match play with 225 clubs participating in 2013, the NCGA Team Match Play Championship Final is set as Whitney Oaks GC will face Lake of the Pines CC on Saturday at Carmel Valley Ranch GC. The two teams arrived there by making it through semifinal matchups on Friday in a format where two players from a side face off against two players from an opposing side in a four-ball and individual match concurrently, with players/teams earning two points for a win and one point for a halve.

Whitney Oaks GC beat Tehama GC to be crowned Thursday Team Match Play Champions and advance to the overall final, winning by a score of 27-9. Whitney Oaks GC the defending overall champions, who incidentally won the Thursday Final a year earlier by the same score, got off to a hot start and were never seriously threatened to not make their second consecutive final.

The team was carried by its lead group and fourth group, each earning all six points, with their anchor group also sweeping its three matches after Whitney Oak’s fate had been decided. The lead group saw Pat McDonald beat Tehama’s Eric Goettsch 3-and-2 and Spencer Page squeaked by Ben Perry 2 up, while winning the four-ball match 3-and-2. In the fourth group, Ed McGreehan won in a dominating fashion 6-and-4 over Marc Bromley and Fred Huston edged out Dan Archer 1 up, while securing the four-ball match by a 2-up margin. Then in the final group Chuck Roberts and Steve Rath added icing to the cake, with Roberts beating Bill Yakobovich 1 up, Rath beating Bob Finn 5-and-3 and winning the four-ball match 3-and-1.

In the Saturday Match Finals, Lake of the Pines CC beat Green Hills CC 24-12 to advance to tomorrow’s overall final against Whitney Oaks GC. Much like their upcoming opponent, Lake of the Pines dominated from the beginning winning the majority of the points in five of the six groupings.

The first group out set the tone as Terry Cross and Joe Slane locked up six points for the early lead. Cross beat Tom Broderick 3-and-2 and Slane beat Alpio Barbara 5-and-4, while the duo slid by with a 1-up victory. The next four groups all won their matches by securing four out of six points, while the final group only secured two out of six points.

The finals will commence tomorrow at Carmel Valley Ranch GC at 10:00 a.m. with the final group teeing off at 10:50 a.m. The consolation match between Tehama GC and Green Hills CC will follow with players going out from 11:00 to 11:50 a.m.


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Author: Jerry Stewart

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