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NCGA – NCPGA Cup Matches

October 21-22
Morgan Creek GCC

Hanna-Wehrman Cup Matches Results – Staedler-Jetter Cup Matches Results

October 22, 2013

2013 NCGA Hanna-Wehrman Cup Team (champions).

ROSEVILLE – No trophies changed hands on Tuesday in the NCGA-NCPGA cup matches as the NCGA amateurs retained the Hanna-Wehrman Cup for an eighth consecutive year and the NCPGA senior professionals won the Staedler-Jetter Cup for a second straight year.

The NCGA retained the Hanna-Wehrman Cup by a score of 11 ½ to 8 ½, winning five matches, losing three and halving two others. The first match to go final was Matt Cohn who beat Joe Dolby 4-and-3. However, in that same pairing NCPGA professional David Solomon beat Jason Anthony 2-and-1 to counter the point. The next grouping also had split winners as professional Mitch Lowe beat Nick Moore 1-up with a birdie on the 18th, while Austin Roberts beat Jason Schmuhl 2-and-1.

2013 NCPGA Hanna-Wehrman Cup Team.

After splitting the first four matches, the key for the NCGA retaining the cup came over the next three matches, which allowed them to clinch the cup with three matches still out on the course. Morgan Creek GCC member, Cameron Champ, dominated his opponent Marcus Judge 6-and-4, giving the 18-year-old an impressive 2-0-1 record over the three sessions during the two-day event. Then, in the next two matches the Riverbend GC duo of Danny Paniccia and Mike Stieler came through in a big way, each winning their individual matches. First, Paniccia beat Don Winter 1-up in a tightly contested match and then Stieler clinched the cup for the NCGA defeating Wayne Clark 3-and-2.

In the final three matches Randy Haag and Jeff Hoffman each halved their matches with NCPGA opponents Phillip Dawson and David Carr, respectively, while NCPGA professional Tom Morton cruised past Russell Humphrey by a 6-and-4 margin.

2013 NCPGA Staedler-Jetter Cup Team (champions).

In the Staedler-Jetter Cup the NCPGA seniors came out guns blazing to win by a margin of 16 ½ to 11 ½. Coming into the day down by one point 7 ½ to 6 ½, the NCPGA seniors won nine matches, halved two and lost three. NCPGA senior co-captain Chris Bitticks was excited to once again come away a winner.

“Well we’re still going off the [Larry] Babica theory from last year of no more second place medals,” he said.

Bitticks was pleased with how the NCPGA seniors performed, especially with the upset win of John Snopkowski beating former NCGA Senior Player of the Year Jeff Burda. Burda, who dominated in the team portion of the event yesterday having to play only a total of 29 holes, lost to Snopkowski 1-up on Tuesday, a win for the NCPGA seniors that Bitticks categorized as “huge.”

“After he finished that match, I walked up to some of our players out there and told them that Snapper (Snopkowski) beat Burda, and they looked at me and said ‘good’; and that sort of became a rallying cry [for us],” said Bitticks.

2013 NCGA Staedler-Jetter Cup Team.

Other wins on the day for the NCPGA seniors included early wins by John Grund beating Mark Miller 1 up, and Ric Burgess beating Scott Anderson 4-and-3. The NCPGA also closed extremely strong winning the final five matches as Matthew Holm, Mitch Thomas, Charlie Gibson, Shawn McEntee and Shawn Kelly all secured a full point each. Thomas and Gibson each won by margins of 4-and-3, with Gibson beating Frank Piper and Thomas beating Gary Vanier. McEntee beat Knoll 3-and-2, Kelly beat Terry Foreman 2-and-1, and in the closest of the five final matches, Holm beat Rob Adolph 1-up.

The three bright spots on the NCGA’s side came from Casey Boyns, Ron Johnson and Herb Jensen. Boyns won in the first match out of the morning beating Kris Moe 2-up. Super senior Johnson beat Raul Quezada 4-and-3, while Jensen beat Bob McGrath 3-and-2.

The two matches that were halved were NCGA super senior Greg Saiki stalemating Glen Stubblefield, and Dennis Yougnlove and Larry Babica finishing 18 holes all square.

The NCGA still leads in the all-time series of both cups, leading the Hanna-Wehrman Cup with a 21-17-9 record, while owning a 14-6-3 record in the Staedler-Jetter Cup. The NCGA-NCPGA Cup matches will return to Poppy Hills GC, the regular home of the event, in 2014 and is currently scheduled for October 20-21.

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October 21, 2013

ROSEVILLE – Nothing is certain going into the final day of both the Hanna-Wehrman and Staedler-Jetter Cups as the NCGA holds a one-point advantage in each of the respective cup matches.

In the Hanna-Wehrman Cup the NCGA grabbed a 3-2 lead after the morning four-ball matches winning two, losing one and halving the other two. Then, in the afternoon the NCGA split with the NCPGA winning two, losing two and halving the other to take a 5 ½ to 4 ½ lead going into Tuesday singles tomorrow.

Cameron Champ (left) and Austin Roberts (right) helped the NCGA get out to a 3-2 lead, winning their four-ball match 6-and-5 Monday morning.

Leading the way in the morning four-ball for the NCGA were the two youngest participants in the field, 18-year-old Cameron Champ and 20-year-old Austin Roberts. Champ and Roberts dominated their four-ball match beating David Solomon and Phillip Dawson 6-and-5. Champ was playing so well on his own ball that he fired a 29 on the front-side and then birdied the 10th to get to 8-under-par. However, in the afternoon foursome, the duo didn’t have quite as much luck halving their match against the same NCPGA team.

NCGA players Randy Haag and Jason Anthony went all 36 holes against their fellow-competitors, and were also able to capture 1 ½ points, just as Champ and Roberts did. Playing against the NCPGA team of Mitch Lowe and Wayne Clark, Haag and Anthony halved the morning four-ball match, before following with a 1-up victory in the afternoon foursome.

Countering one another by each team securing a point in their respective sessions were the NCGA duos of Nick Moore and Matt Cohn, and Danny Paniccia and Mike Stieler. Moore and Cohn faced the NCPGA tandem of Marcus Judge and Tom Morton, winning the morning four-ball 3-and-1, while Judge and Morton won the afternoon foursome 4-and-2. Paniccia and Stieler did the opposite losing to fellow-competitors Joe Dolby and Don Winter 4-and-2 in the morning four-ball, but winning the afternoon foursome 2-up.

NCGA players Jeff Hoffman and Russell Humphrey, who went undefeated in 2012 as a pairing, didn’t have the same magic this time around securing only a half point on the day. Hoffman and Humphrey faced PGA professionals David Carr and Jason Schmuhl, who they halved with in their morning four-ball match and lost in the afternoon foursome match 3-and-2.

The NCGA Seniors are looking to take back the Staedler-Jetter Cup, after losing it in 2012 for the first time this century, holding onto a 7 ½ to 6 ½ lead after Monday’s sessions. Taking a 4 ½ to 2 ½ advantage in the morning four-ball session, the NCGA’s advantage got cut into by the NCPGA as the professionals won four of the seven foursome matches played.

Gary Vanier (left) and Terry Foreman (right) won their morning four-ball match 6-and-5.

Both sides had standout teams, which coincidentally never had to play past the 15th hole in either session. For the NCGA the duo of Jeff Burda and Scott Anderson dominated, first by beating Shawn Kelly and Charlie Gibson 6-and-4 in the morning four-ball, and then throttling the same pairing 7-and-5 in the afternoon foursomes.

The NCPGA team that dominated was the tandem of Shawn McEntee and Mitch Thomas, who finished their afternoon match on the 12th hole. McEntee and Thomas beat three-time NCGA Senior Player of the Year Jim Knoll and his partner Rob Adolph 5-and-4 in the morning four-ball and then dismantled the same duo in the afternoon foursomes 7-and-6.

Four of the other matchups were split between the seniors, with the decisive half point coming in the final senior grouping of NCGA super seniors Dennis Younglove and Ron Johnson, and the NCPGA team of Larry Babica and Glen Stubblefield. After going the distance in the morning four-ball with no winner, halving the match, the afternoon foursome again went to 18 holes with Younglove and Johnson securing a full point with a 1-up victory.

Gary Vanier and Terry Foreman got things started in the morning securing the first point of the day with a 6-and-5 victory over Ric Burgess and John Grund, before losing to them in the afternoon foursome 2-and-1.

The NCPGA team of Bob McGrath and Kris Moe took down 2012 NCGA Senior Four-Ball Champions, Casey Boyns and Mark Miller 6-and-4, in their own game, before losing to Boyns and Miller in the afternoon foursome by a 2-up margin.

The NCGA duo of Frank Pieper and Herb Jensen edged out Matthew Holm and John Snopkowski, winning by a margin of 1 up in the morning four-ball, but fell to them in the afternoon foursome 3-and-1

In the other of the two super senior matches NCGA players Rob Thompson and Greg Saiki beat Raul Quezada and Gerry Greenfield 3-and-2 in the morning four-ball, while losing to them in the afternoon foursome 1-up.

Tomorrow all 20 Hanna-Wehrman Cup and all 28 Staedler-Jetter Cup participants will compete in individual matches to conclude the tournament. Matches begin at 7:30 a.m. off the No. 1 tee.

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Author: Scott Seward

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