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7th Annual NCGA Senior Amateur Match Play Championship

The Links at Spanish Bay & Spyglass Hill GC
August 12-16, 2013

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August 16, 2013

PEBBLE BEACH – If Casey Boyns hadn’t played and caddied at Spyglass Hill GC hundreds of times prior to this week, he would have been left wondering what No. 18 looks like.

Boyns found a way to make a long week short at the 7th Annual NCGA Senior Amateur Match Play Championship.

Casey Boyns is crowned the 2013 NCGA Senior Amateur Match Play Champion.

He entered into the event bypassing the qualifier earning the No. 2 exempt seed. In his first match, the round of 32 at Spanish Bay, the Pebble Beach GL caddy won 5 & 4. In the round of 16, he ended the match on No. 13 – winning 6 & 5. Boyns then went on to win his quarterfinal match that same afternoon – again, winning 6 & 5.

The semifinals were no sweat for the 2007 NCGA player of the year. He closed the match after the 15th hole, winning 4 & 3 to head into the finals against the 2012 champion, Terry Foreman.

The final match began with Boyns 2-up after the opening two holes. He made the turn 3-up in the match, and after winning on the 10th to go 4-up, it appeared as though he would have smooth sailing to another NCGA victory.

But Foreman had other plans.

The retired police officer beat Boyns on Nos. 11 and 12 to bring the deficit back to a mere 2-up.

“I was feeling pretty good about things right before Terry started making his run,” Boyns said. “I remember a match play event where I was in Terry’s shoes – I was 4 down with 8 to go – I ended up winning that tournament. I knew that I couldn’t let up today and I was feeling the pressure when he made that run.”

Boyns and Foreman halved the 13th. Foreman made a birdie on No. 14 – and suddenly Boyns was only 1-up with four holes to go.

“I had to make a long putt on No. 13 to tie the hole,” Boyns said. “When [Foreman] beat me on No. 14 I knew I had to make pars and force him to make birdie.”

Foreman (left) and Boyns (right) make their way down the 14th fairway during the match play finals.

Foreman and Boyns halved No. 15. On 16, Foreman hit a wayward drive that nearly went out of bounds. He was forced to pitch back to the fairway and cost himself the hole. Boyns went back to 2-up with an easy par.

The match ended after the former champions halved No. 17.

Boyns, the 2011 Champion, has once again etched his name into NCGA history with his 2013 victory. Boyns took home the title after beating Foreman 2 & 1 in the final match. He never once saw the 18th hole during the tournament.

Boyns becomes the second player in the seven-year history of the event to win two titles.

“It feels good to win,” Boyns said. “Before this event I would have said I was having a mediocre year. Now that I won I would say that I am having a great year.”

He is no stranger to the NCGA winner’s circle, however. Boyns also won the Amateur Match Play Championship event in 1987 and 1996 at Spyglass Hill. He now has a total of 17 NCGA major titles.

“I am very fortunate to be a part of the NCGA,” Boyns said. “They have a lot of tournaments [in Pebble Beach] and I know these courses extremely well. It is a huge advantage.”

The 8th Annual NCGA Senior Amateur Match Play Championship will take place August 11-15, 2014 at Poppy Hills GC and Spyglass Hill.


Final Match Photo Gallery

August 15, 2013

PEBBLE BEACH – The 2012 and 2011 champions will face off in the finals of the 2013 Senior Amateur Match Play Championship. After winning their matches in the semifinals, Terry Foreman and Casey Boyns are set to compete for a repeat title at Spyglass Hill GC Friday. Only one player in the brief history of the Senior Amateur Match Play Championship holds two titles, Rob Thompson who won in both 2007 and 2008.

Boyns found a way to keep the round short again Thursday. The Pasadera CC member won his match 4 & 3 over Scott Anderson.

Boyns watches his future competitor, Terry Foreman, putt on the eleventh hole at Spyglass Hill

“I was mostly just making pars out there,” Boyns said. “Nothing too fantastic, but I kept the pressure on the whole round.”

Boyns went 1-up early in the match with a par on No. 4. With back-to-back wins on Nos. 5 and 6, Boyns made the turn 2-up after losing the 8th hole.

“I knew it would be a tough match today,” Boyns said. “Scott is a good player and he has had a great week.”

Boyns relied on strategy as much as skill to win his match and plans to do the same for the finals Friday.

“Match play is a lot of strategy,” he explained. “You have to pay attention to what your competitor is doing and know when to play conservatively and when to get aggressive.”

Earning NCGA Player of the Year honors in 2007, Boyns is no stranger to the NCGA winner’s circle – which will make the final match against 2012 champion, Foreman that much more exciting.

Terry Foreman's short game has saved him throughout the week.

Foreman struggled on the first hole of his semifinal match against the No. 26 seed, Greg Olson – who had beat out NCGA three-time Player of the Year, Jim Knoll in his previous match. Foreman brought the match back to all square with a birdie on the par-3 third. He went on to win holes 9 and 10 to go two up in the match.

“I played better today,” Foreman said. “I was able to find the center of the club face – but my short game was what saved me.”

Olson made a birdie on the par-3 15th hole, knocking Foreman back to 1-up with only a few holes left to play. Foreman sank his par putt on No. 17 to win the match 2 & 1.

“I am surprised I won,” Foreman said with a smile on his face. “It was a tough match up.”

Foreman entered the tournament as the No. 5 seed, and will battle it out with Boyns – the No. 2 seed.

“I know he will be gunning for me out there,” Foreman said. “We are good friends – it will be a great match and I am looking forward to playing with Casey. I always learn something when I play with him – He knows these courses so well.”

Spyglass Hill GC holds a special place for Foreman. When he was younger and played in events at Spyglass his mother would come and watch.

“She absolutely loved Spyglass Hill,” he recalled. “She fell in love with this place the moment she saw it – 12 was her favorite hole.”

Foreman’s mother passed more than a year ago, so the twelfth hole still holds a special place in his heart.

“I love playing here,” Foreman said. “The more I win in this event – the more I get to visit my mom out there on 12.”

Foreman and Boyns will tee off at Spyglass Hill GC for the final match Friday, August 16 at 7:15 a.m.

Semifinals Photo Gallery

August 14, 2013

PEBBLE BEACH – With the event moving over to the more familiar Spyglass Hill GC, excitement continues to build at the 7th Annual NCGA Senior Match Play Championship. The round of 16 took place in the morning with eight players being eliminated from the competition. Those moving on to the quarterfinals held in the afternoon had a test of endurance to see who would move on to the semifinals Thursday.

Greg Olson moves on to the semifinal round after beating No. 1 seed, Jim Knoll

Perhaps the biggest upset in the quarterfinal round came from the 26th seed, Greg Olson who beat the No. 1 seed, Jim Knoll, 3 & 1.

“It was a great and competitive match,” Olson said. “It is hard not to cheer for Jim [Knoll], we are great friends.”

The match began with Knoll 2-up after three, but Olson fired back winning holes five and seven. At the turn, Knoll held a 1-up lead over Olson. Olson brought the match to all-square with a par on No. 12, but his true turning point came when he went 1-up at No. 13 after a sinking a 15-foot putt.

“I made a good up-and-down on 13 to go 1-up and that was where things turned around in our match,” Olson said.

The Gold Hills GC member won holes 12, 13 and 14 and closed the match with another on 17.

“I felt fatigued when the second match started, but the adrenaline kicked in and I was able to keep playing well,” Olson said. “I am going to get some good rest tonight and try to improve my rhythm tomorrow for better ball striking.”

Olson is the only qualifying seed left in the event.

Terry Foreman wins his match 2 & 1 to continue on in the Senior Amateur Match Play Championship

Terry Foreman of Roddy Ranch GC is set to face off Olson in the semifinals after winning his quarterfinal match 2 & 1. Foreman didn’t have many good things to say about his Wednesday rounds.

“I felt like those were the worst rounds of golf I could have played,” Foreman said.

He must have had some luck on the course however. In his quarterfinal match he won the opening two holes and eventually made the turn at 3-up in the match. He narrowly avoided penalty on the sixteenth hole after moving loose impediments to check if his ball was in a burrowing animal hole. Luckily, the decisions had him covered and he was able to replace the loose impediments and play without penalty under 23-1/7.

The 2012 Senior Amateur Match Play Champion looks for a repeat but will first have to out Olson in the semifinals. Foreman and Olson tee off at Spyglass Hill GC at 8 a.m. Thursday.

Casey Boyns found a way to make a long day short.

The Pasadera CC member won both the round of 16 and the quarterfinal matches handily – finishing 6 & 5.

“Both of my matches were short – which is one way to make the day go by quick,” the 2011 Senior Amateur Match Play Champion said. “I didn’t feel I was playing my best, but I played solid and I kept the pressure on my opponents.”

Casey Boyns ended both of his matches by winning 6 & 5.

In the quarterfinals started his match going 1-up on the first hole. From there, he was never down in the match.

“36 holes is a lot of golf,” Boyns said. “You get tired out there. I took it one hole at a time, had a lot of situational targets and just kept the ball in play.”

Boyns will rest up tonight and prepare to take on Scott Anderson of Roddy Ranch GC at 8:15 a.m. tomorrow.

Anderson had the longest day of all. In the round of 16, Anderson was down the entire match before getting back to all-square on No. 18. His match went to 20 holes before he beat out Robert Fulton. With the quarterfinals already beginning, Anderson only had a small amount of time between his matches.

Scott Anderson continues on to the semifinals after a long day at Spyglass Hill GC.

“I had a really quick turn around,” Anderson said. “Luckily I played consistently all day.”

Unlike his first match of the day, Anderson quickly took control of his semifinal and never let his opponent go 1-up.

“I made a change in my address position on the 12th hole in my second match,” he said. “After that I was feeling much more confident in my swing and it seemed to change everything for me.”

All-square after 17, Anderson’s match was the only one to see No. 18 in the semifinals. He won the match with a par on 18.

The Senior Amateur Match Play Championship semifinals will take place at Spyglass Hill GC, Thursday, August 15 at 8 and 8:15 a.m.



Round of 16 and Quarterfinals Photo Gallery

August 13, 2013

PEBBLE BEACH – The 7th Annual Senior Amateur Match Play championship began with a fair amount of upsets during the round of 32 at Spanish Bay GL. Six qualifying players beat their exempt opponents to continue on to the round of 16.

The 16 top NCGA senior amateur point leaders earned exempt entry and the lowest seeds in the match-play field. The final 16 players filled out seeds 17 through 32 earning their way into the bracket through an 18-hole stroke-play qualifier.

Qualifying for the event, however, may have had benefits. The stroke-play qualifier took place at Spanish Bay allowing players to get a better idea of the course before heading into the round of 32.

NCGA Senior Amateur points leader and top seeded player for the event, Jim Knoll of Rooster Run GC had never played at Spanish Bay GL before the round of 32.

“It was tough,” Knoll said. “My opponent really brought his game today and we were all square after nine. He had a better feel for the course since he played here yesterday.”

Something must have clicked with Knoll as he made the turn. He won every hole on the back nine before shutting out Garth Keehan 5 & 4. Knoll won his match despite having little feel for the course layout.

Stroke-play qualifying medalist Craig Gandy of Catta Verdera CC, however, used his qualifying knowledge of the course to his advantage to upset his match against Neil Duffy. Gandy handily won the match 6 & 4 after making the turn 2-up. Gandy had the largest winning margin in the round of 32.

Gandy and Knoll will face off tomorrow at Spyglass Hill GC for the round of 16.

The biggest upset in the round of 32 came from the No. 26 seed, Greg O’Malley, who beat out 2010 Senior Amateur Match Play Champion Dan Bieber (seeded No. 7). O’Malley won 3 & 2 after making crucial gains on the front nine. He made the turn 2 up and closed out the match with birdies on Nos. 13 and 15. O’Malley will take on Ron Jonson in the round of 16.

2012 Senior Amateur Match Play Champion Terry Foreman won his match over Bert Walker 2 & 1. Foreman will continue match play Wednesday against Michael Wiechers who upset his match winning 4 & 3.

2011 Senior Amateur Match Play Champion Casey Boyns of Pasadera CC will also continue to the round of 16 after winning his match 5 & 4. Boyns will face off Steve Donnelly who upset his match winning 3 & 2.

The 7th Annual Senior Amateur Match Play Championship will continue with the round of 16 and the semifinals, Wednesday, August 14 at Spyglass Hill GC. Tee times for the round of 16 begin at 9:40 a.m. The quarterfinal matches will follow with tee times beginning at 2:36 p.m.


Round of 32 Photo Gallery

PEBBLE BEACH – Craig Gandy enters the 7th Annual Senior Match Play Championship Round of 32 as the top non-exempt seed, earning the 17th seed. Gandy carded a two-under-par 70 at Spanish Bay Golf Links to clinch his position in the match play field.

The Catta Verdera CC member started the round with pars on Nos. 1, 3 and 4 before knocking in a birdie putt on No. 5. Back-to-back bogeys on Nos. 7 and 8 could have been a crushing blow, but he followed up with a birdie on the par-4 ninth to finish the front nine one-over par.

An outstanding bogey-free back nine with birdies on Nos. 12, 13 and 14 propelled him to a three-under-par 34, a score that was unbeatable with the challenging conditions of Spanish Bay.

In 2012, Gandy started match play as the 23rd seed, and was ultimately knocked out in the round of 32. Gandy is currently ranked No. 32 in the NCGA Senior Player of the Year standings.

Finishing behind Gandy and also moving on to match play was Steve Donnelly of Bayonet/Black Horse GC. Donnelly carded one-under-par with four birdies for the round.

Also qualifying for match play was Mark Hill of Diablo Grande GC, who finished with one-over-par 73.

The 2013 match play field will include the top 16 players on the NCGA Senior Player of the Year points list and the top 16 players from today’s 18-hole stroke-play qualifying round. The first round of match play will take place at Spanish Bay GL Tuesday, August 13 beginning at 6:50 AM.

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Author: Jerry Stewart

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